Trumping Patton

A few years ago, I began comparing President Trump to General Patton. Other than learning about the World War II leader as a part of overall history, my first closer look at him came when I started to watch the movie Patton starring George C. Scott. Very shortly into the film, I turned it off, […]

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A Disturbing Discussion

Logic is not a strong point of today’s society. Assessing statements and analyzing claims are difficult at the best of times. Now, with the suppression of information and outright lying by so many powerful people and entities, it is harder than ever to know what is true. I joined my husband on one of his

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Let’s Not All Think Alike

One of the delights of being married to my husband is the fascinating people I get to meet. His interests and efforts attract a wide variety of individuals and we have forged many friendships with those who, in a more routine life, we might never get to meet. So it was, while COVID-19 was still

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A Different Kind of Bread Line

The great food giveaway The first time I glanced out my window and saw the line of cars, I thought it was a funeral procession. Slow-moving, inching along at a stately pace, the formation seemed never-ending. I went online to discover which important person had died. No one had. When I expressed my bafflement to

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COVID Victim or Victor?

We human beings habituate very easily to new ideas and actions. Growing up, my mother taught me to grease a pan by dipping a paper towel into Crisco shortening (hydrogenated oil was not a phrase we knew) and smearing it over the pan. Years later, when I set out to bake some cookies and realized

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Are You a Noah or an Abraham?

A ‘Your Mother’s Guidance’ post by Rebecca Masinter As we read the section of Genesis about the Flood, we see the world being destroyed and recreated. Noah is the man who lived through the recreation.  When he left the ark, he emerged into a world that was fundamentally changed from what it had been before. 

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The Not Restful Rest Stop

My husband and I recently found ourselves at one of those rest stations that dot highways on the East coast. What I saw disturbed me. Let me preface my statements by saying that I am not about to, nor do I want to, turn this into a debate on the advantages or disadvantages of face

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My Mother + COVID = Super Stress

First, let me briefly state that I admire your work and it has helped me throughout my life to make important decisions while understanding why. It is so refreshing to know there are people like me who think similarly. Sometimes you can feel otherwise when living in a secular and materialistic world.  My situation could

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One More Double Standard

Do you remember the very young boy who was sent home from school for biting his toast into the shape of a gun? He might even have —GASP— pointed it at a fellow kindergartener. Well, have you seen the pictures of kids returning to school where a masked official points a temperature-recording gun-like object at

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Masked Strangers: a COVID Cost

Going to the supermarket, library or store used to be a social activity. I may not have known anyone but, invariably, I chatted with those around me. Perhaps we discussed whether this year’s corn was sweet or if we should wait to buy, maybe we bonded for a few fleeting moments over a shared delight

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