Is There a Difference Between a Cow and a Cat?

It says in the Bible that a good man cares for his “beast.” Does this just mean animals that are “useful” such as cows that give meat and milk and other “useful” animals, or does it mean all pets, such as dogs and cats. P.S. We like your show [Ancient Jewish Wisdom] very much. We […]

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Compassion Confusion

Have you ever endured the ugliness of having to step cautiously past a comatose vagrant and his smelly bundles blocking the entry to a store you’re trying to patronize?  I know what you’re thinking. “Our rabbi lacks mercy for the homeless,” right? Have you ever visited a home where the parents are meticulously raising monstrous

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How should I deal with panhandlers?

Question: What is your philosophy on panhandlers and what would you recommend one do when the city you’re in encourages people to put their money in change machines (they look like parking meters) supposedly for the purpose of helping the poor instead of giving to panhandlers directly? John Answer: Dear John, May we answer the

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Why aren’t conservatives compassionate?

Question: I consider myself libertarian conservative and I believe in being financially and morally conservative and obedient. However I’m very questionable on your recent stances on immigration and compassion in relation to scriptures. Leviticus 19:34: But the stranger that dwelleth with you shall be unto you as one born among you, and thou shalt love

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