How Did You Homeschool?

Hello Rabbi and Susan, My husband and I have chosen to homeschool our children. Our oldest will be seven in a few months, our other two children are four and two. There are only two families in our Jewish community who have homeschooled their children. Overall, not many people in the Jewish community homeschool, especially […]

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How Do I Find a Rabbi

Following from your comments in the Deep Dive on My Daughter the Lawyer, I would like to ask some questions about finding a local rabbi. First of all, am I correct in assuming that, even though you refer to yourself as my rabbi, you recognize the importance of our primary Rabbi being someone in the

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A Child Shall (Not) Lead Them

I recently spent quite a bit of time watching an 18-month-old with a penchant for climbing. He attempted to do incredibly foolish things. There was no explaining to him that the chair was likely to tip over, the fall from the staircase bannister would be unpleasant, and that the curtain was not mountain climbing gear.

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Hello New Friend!

My wife and I have just returned from an amazing visit to Israel. One feature of the population stuck out, delighting us both. While Israel has many unique facets, in one way we felt that we had stepped into a time warp, beaming us back to healthier days in the United States. Regardless of actual

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Who Needs Family

Aren’t friends enough? It is possible that entitling an article, 5 Principles for a Better Post-Pandemic You was an exercise in optimism. It certainly seems that many politicians and “experts” are warning (or working to make sure?) that we never reach that stage. Nonetheless, the above-titled essay in the November 20, 2021, issue of the

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Of Soul and Friends

Can’t we all use more of both? Forging meaningful relationships takes effort, patience and time. When my husband and I moved to a new state, as we did twice in our marriage, I left behind close friends. I stay connected through the miracle of modern communication and these friends are still present in my heart,

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Masked Strangers: a COVID Cost

Going to the supermarket, library or store used to be a social activity. I may not have known anyone but, invariably, I chatted with those around me. Perhaps we discussed whether this year’s corn was sweet or if we should wait to buy, maybe we bonded for a few fleeting moments over a shared delight

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Is praying in a group better than praying alone?

Question: What does the Bible say about group prayer? Is it more powerful than individual prayer? ∼ Kenda S. Answer: Dear Kenda, You are asking a question that may be particularly apt for our times when technology allows us to access other people without having to leave our homes. Many church services are accessible online

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Passover – Sex is Everybody’s Business

Passover – Sex is Everybody’s Business By Rabbi Daniel Lapin The five books of Moses are divided up into fifty-four portions. Every Sabbath a different portion is read so that, taking into account leap years and various other considerations of the calendar, the entire Torah is completed every year. We are currently in the beginning

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Northwest Storm

I am trying to count my blessings. We’re all in good health; we have warm clothing to wear, a gas stove which lets us have hot food, and a house that wasn’t damaged. The temperature hasn’t dipped too low and we have friends with whom we’ve been sharing food and companionship. But while I’m aware

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