Please Don’t Leave a Message

Perhaps you have had the same experience as I have had. You leave a message on someone’s landline phone, and a week or two later you bump into them and find out that they haven’t listened to their messages. I am guilty of this as well. Cell phones, texting and What’s App’ing have become so […]

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Reluctantly Being Pushed

Saying that I am not a digital native is a bit like saying that I am not a black belt in karate. Duh! So, I was not shocked that when I posted a cheesecake recipe in preparation for the holy days of Shavuot (Pentecost) on our We Happy Warrior member site, I accidentally sent out

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Too Much Prayer?

Question of the week: Is it wrong to keep praying for the same thing over and over again? Is it demonstrating a lack of faith that our Heavenly Father is not hearing our prayers or is it showing that we believe that our prayers will be answered because we are demonstrating our faith? I believe

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I need new skills for my job

I thank you for all the sound advice you give. I enjoy your teachings because of all of the insights. It helps me to see why I sometimes make the wrong decisions and how to make improvements. I need your advice because I am about to make changes in my lifestyle. I have to make

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The Write Way

In our age, when electronic communication has all but supplanted ink on paper, it is easy to overlook the great value of a handwritten letter.  Precisely because it is so effortless and inexpensive to dispatch messages, the value of an ink on paper letter has risen even higher. In an age when we communicate online

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Seeing Eye-to-Eye

Reading your rabbi’s observations about a baby’s behavior is probably going to be as incongruous as overhearing a cannibal enthusing about a veggie burger made of sweet potato, quinoa and black beans with a little creamy lime aioli drizzled on top. (Not sure what lime aioli is?  Me neither.) Nonetheless, I must tell you of

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Crime Doesn’t Say

On news broadcasts and interviews I have noticed something scary.  Boys involved in violent crime are largely illiterate.  This chilling correlation has been confirmed to me by friends in criminal justice and law enforcement.  You’d think that just by the laws of probability, at least some assailants and murderers when caught would have more to

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Resentment in Marriage

Question: I have been reading your book Buried Treaure and one of the things you said was that if either partner in marriage feels like a martyr then its very bad.   Can you explain further why and what that portends? ∼ Maureen Answer: Dear Maureen, You are referring to the chapter in our book,

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