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Just Like Me

May 25th, 2010 Posted by Susan's Musings No Comment yet

Two women were having a loud conversation, one which everyone
in the vicinity overheard. Their voices were passionate; their convictions
firm. The political candidate under discussion was an arrogant, self-serving
liar. How could anyone possibly support him?

There was only one glitch. Both women were so eager to
express their opinion that they hadn’t listened very well to the other. Each of
them was sure that her friend was validating her own ideas. On the other hand,
we eavesdroppers had caught the opening sentence of both diatribes which the
conversationalists had missed. The women were supporting opposing candidates.
Everything good each woman said about her own candidate and negative she said
about the other one’s, was being turned around by her friend as proof that her
intelligent, articulate companion shared her own point of view.



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