My Children, My Brothers?

A ‘Your Mother’s Guidance’ post by Rebecca Masinter The Torah stresses respect from children for parents, so a verse in Genesis should raise eyebrows. Let’s take a look at Jacob’s relationship with his sons after they have left Haran and are on their way back to the Land of  Israel. (Genesis 31) Rachel and Leah’s […]

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Why Don’t Men Get It?

Hello Rabbi and Susan Lapin, Thank you for all your useful teachings, which I enjoy on a daily basis. I have another marriage question for you. It is interesting to me that while many women are, rightly or wrongly, the main breadwinners in their homes, they still continue to do more household tasks than their

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Should I pay for chores or give an allowance?

  As my children help with chores around the house, should I reward them for the work done or give an allowance instead? Thanks, Doland B. Answer:  Dear Doland, Ask ten parents this question and you will likely receive ten different  answers. Ask one parent at ten different times in his or her children’s life

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