It’s Not Fair

Dear Rabbi and Susan, This video was a wowzer!!! [Scrolling through Scripture Genesis Unit 1] Going back to the references around separation and children. I have an 11-yr-old and an 8-yr-old. They are close enough in age where the 11-yr-old is being granted more (responsibility, access, privileges) that the 8-yr-old looks at, compares to his […]

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Planting Seeds

I did not get a chance to write a new Musing this week but I hope you will enjoy the reposting of my Musing from June, 2023. Don’t you love reading something that sets you thinking? After mulling it over you might agree or disagree with what you read, but either way it stimulated your

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I Can Do It.

The stories related in the following Musing may or may not be based on the truth. They also may or may not have happened to people related to me. This disclaimer seems necessary because busybodies and bureaucrats increasingly think that they should overrule perfectly caring and competent parents when it comes to decisions about their

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Buy Yourself a Friend

Over the years, along with giving up or sharply reducing my consumption or patronization of Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream, Target, and Starbucks, we stopped our subscription to the Wall Street Journal. In varying degrees, each one of these businesses was advocating or endorsing positions to which we object. However, at the risk of letting you

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A Frindle Distraction

As the media sowed frenzied fear during COVID, and the government imposed isolation on citizens, destroying relationships and the economy in one draconian move, people turned to mashed potatoes. Just as had happened after 9/11, comfort food and comfort reading proliferated. Quite frankly, I do not want to be comforted right now. As the hostages

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Resilient Israeli Teenagers

Resilience: the capacity to withstand or recover quickly from difficulties. We wish this quality for our children, especially because in America and Europe we have a front-row seat viewing the anxious, fragile, angry, and self-aggrandizing university students who have never met a challenge that cannot beat them. I have been witnessing resilience daily since the

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Naming Our Baby

I am a happy warrior from Nigeria who has been a committed listener of your program on YouTube. I am happy to say that your teachings have improved my knowledge in immeasurable ways as I continue to apply the principles of ancient Jewish wisdom I learn from your teachings.My wife is currently pregnant and by

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My Parent, My Choice

Sometimes, you can’t seem to escape a trending topic. A number of summers ago, shark attacks featured in newspaper and magazine articles and on electronic ‘breaking news’ flashes. When the frenzy died down, it turned out that the number of shark attacks was standard for that time of year. So, it is with a bit

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My Daughter, the Lawyer

Dear Rabbi Daniel Lapin, I am an avid listener of your podcasts and videos. Thank you for your wise words and teachings that you share, they have helped me immensely and also my family. Do you have any advice for parents providing career ideas to their high school children? I have told my daughter I

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Rekindling Patriotism

A long-time Cuban immigrant to the United States, Martin Gurri, wrote a stirring paean to his adopted country for the nation’s 247th birthday. He poured out his gratitude for being an American and explained why America is truly exceptional. There was one fly in the ointment. Mentioning his 5-year-old grandson, he wrote that this child

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