Beauty – Spiritual or Physical?

My husband had the distinguished privilege of meeting you at Chris LoCurto’s Next Level Leadership Event. While he was there he asked you a question on my behalf and I would like to expand on my question. Is beauty Physical or Spiritual? I ask because there are many times we see people and think they […]

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Which Job Should I Take?

I’m going to start a new job next week. They are going to pay me more than the previous company. They are going to teach me some new skills also. But, I’ve found another offer where they offer over 25% more than the new company and they require skills I already have. Should I even

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Of Soul and Friends

Can’t we all use more of both? Forging meaningful relationships takes effort, patience and time. When my husband and I moved to a new state, as we did twice in our marriage, I left behind close friends. I stay connected through the miracle of modern communication and these friends are still present in my heart,

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Face Time

The defining question of our times: Are people no more than sophisticated baboons?  Are we the product only of random, materialistic evolution?  Why does it matter?  Because if the answer is ‘yes’ then whenever men do bad things, they do so only because of genetic imperative or imposed societal influences.  It would mean that humans

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