Starting a New Business

I would like to start a real estate investment firm, for two reasons. First, my employer reduced me to half-time, and second, I want to work from a home office so that I can help my wife with our child who has autism. The question is related to engaging in entrepreneurship while the spouse opposes […]

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My Daughter, the Lawyer

Dear Rabbi Daniel Lapin, I am an avid listener of your podcasts and videos. Thank you for your wise words and teachings that you share, they have helped me immensely and also my family. Do you have any advice for parents providing career ideas to their high school children? I have told my daughter I

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What does the Bible say about moms working outside the home?

What does Ancient Jewish wisdom aka the Bible say about moms? I am naturally a hard working professional however I am also a relatively new mom. My husband provides, I stay home with my 1 and 3 year olds. If I did work we could make some upgrades. This topic wasn’t mentioned in Business Secrets

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My husband is holding me back

Dear Rabbi and Susan, We have an opportunity to increase our family income by double. We currently make about 40K a year between my husband and I. I was accepted into a one year program that would give me the skills and connections to make between 50-80k a year myself excluding my husbands income. We

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Tacking to Success

Has a five year old ever told you that he is going to be a fireman, doctor and president of the U.S.? I bet that you didn’t begin to lecture him on the realities of life. Likewise when a little girl says that she plans to be a ballerina, lawyer, surgeon and mommy we don’t

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