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How’s that Campaign Slogan Working for You?

August 21st, 2012 Posted by Susan's Musings 1 comment

In company with past presidents, President Obama has discovered that one can get elected by making glorious promises. Fulfilling them is quite another story.

Whether it is classified security concerns that one only finds out about once in office or the reality that (despite over-reaching attempts) a president does not have absolute dictatorial powers, campaigning and governing are completely different activities. Even star power has its limitations. To the disappointment of President Obama’s supporters, expectations that America’s enemies would be as enraptured with him (and hence America) as teenage girls were with the Beatles, were decidedly overblown.

Unfortunately, most of us fall prey to catchy slogans and starry-eyed promises. That is why you never saw the following policy and campaign slogans: “A chicken in most pots; a car in more garages,” “Fewer children left behind,” “Hope and change which you might like or might hate.”


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