A Love Letter

My husband sort of wrote me a letter overflowing with warmth, gratitude, and love. To explain the ‘sort of,’ I need to give you the back story. One of the joys of the holiday of Purim is the obligation to eat a festive meal. Let’s just say that it is one of the easier commandments […]

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Buy Yourself a Friend

Over the years, along with giving up or sharply reducing my consumption or patronization of Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream, Target, and Starbucks, we stopped our subscription to the Wall Street Journal. In varying degrees, each one of these businesses was advocating or endorsing positions to which we object. However, at the risk of letting you

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Starting a New Business

I would like to start a real estate investment firm, for two reasons. First, my employer reduced me to half-time, and second, I want to work from a home office so that I can help my wife with our child who has autism. The question is related to engaging in entrepreneurship while the spouse opposes

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Growing Up Without a Father

I was just reading Chapter 10 of Buried Treasure and was wondering what God’s advice would be to the sons in single-family homes headed by mothers. In my own case, I grew up in South Africa after both parents immigrated there. When my father died (I was 7) my mother refused to return to her

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My Employee is Having an Affair

Dear Rabbi and Susan, I have an ancillary employee that got caught by his wife having an affair. I do know through one of your Podcasts that you said that, “you cannot trust a person that his own wife does not trust” (due to an affair). It would really hurt our business without him (maybe

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What Business Should I Choose?

I am a school administrator (20 years) but I have always had a dream of having my own business. I am very analytically minded, and I like to create things of practical value that help people. My question is: how one determines if they should go into a spiritual business (computer programming etc.…) vs a

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Can We Create Wealth

Good evening, sir. I deem it a privilege to come across your ministry on YouTube. Listening to 25 minutes of your interview with a lady from Australia has opened my eyes to some things I have been ignorant about. I love Bible as the word of God, and I also believe that God can make

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My Brother-in-Law

is stealing from my parents Dear Rabbi, Susan, and Happy Warrior Community, I’m searching for some wisdom. I’ve been asked by my parents to keep the lines of communication open with my sister; however, her husband is trying to destroy my parent’s financial life. I’m not ok with his behavior, but to keep communication open

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Building a Real-Estate Empire

Where do I begin? I want to build a real estate business. Do you have any suggestions? ~ Will H. Dear Will, Thank you for writing to us. Your question is very interesting; or to be more precise, how you chose to phrase your question revealed quite a lot. You didn’t ask, “How do I

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Is Jewish financial success unrelated to Judaism?

I have recently become a passionate audience of your ancient Jewish wisdom show on I do gain a lot of understandings of why Jewish people are so successful, especially in the business world. Many of the teachings I have learnt so far are related to the faith. But that doesn’t seem to explain why

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