Dress Codes for Female Students

My 16-year-old daughter was asking me about dress codes at her school. She thinks it unfair that girls should have to watch how they dress. I told her that boys/men are far more visually stimulated, not only by looking at beautiful women but by watching/participating in sports, using vision to hunt, etc. “Why can’t we […]

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Coeducation or Single-Sex Schools?

Dear Rabbi and Susan, Co-education, meaning girls and boys taught together in one school depends on societies. I think that it is useful educationally because boys will be more serious because girls in the general like to be serious. The girls’ devotion to studying inspires the boys. Also it helps more cooperation and understanding among

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In Defense of Wolves

As part of the Practical Parenting column, I am re-running Susan’s Musings that had to do with parents and children. The “Little Yosef” of this column is now a fifteen-year-old young man who spent the last two weeks hauling water-sodden loads out of our flooded basement.  Little Yosef, age 6, is busy writing stories about

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