President Biden and Transgender Day

The American Alliance of Jews and Christians suggests that the president’s message to Christians is clear: There is no longer room in America for you.  There’s no room in America for Christians! That’s the message President Biden imparted to the country last week when he declared Easter Sunday to be ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’. Transgender activists […]

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Grumpy Old Men

Both Presidents Biden and Trump are giving old age a bad name. One is frequently befuddled while the other is increasingly cantankerous. It might be funny were it a certain 1993 Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon movie, but in real life it is just tragic. Aside from the national and international consequences, both men harm

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On Shaky Ground

If I told you that I missed writing a Musing last week because I was under the weather, I would be telling the truth. But I wouldn’t be telling you the whole truth. Certainly, some of the fogginess in my mind came from the medication I was taking and was a result of my body

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The Traditional Biden Voter

I expend an outsized amount of mental effort trying to understand the half of America that voted for the Biden/Harris team. I realize that those people don’t all fit into any one category, just as all the people who voted for Trump/Pence, can’t be described as having one monolithic mindset.  I understand the young who

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