Is Acne Spiritual?

I can’t remember where I saw or heard it, but recently you mentioned that some skin conditions may be spiritual. Would you please expand on this? JR Dear JR, In ancient Jewish wisdom, the Five Books of Moses are divided into 54 sections, each with its own name. On Shabbat, in the synagogue, we read […]

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Squiggles and Lines in my Bible

To my astonishment, I have discovered that I am beginning to recognize Hebrew letters after watching your Scrolling through Scripture courses. I have also purchased your recommended Bible. Looking at both the Bible and the course is confusing me a bit. Tim Dear Tim, We are delighted that you are beginning to feel a little

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The Whole Bible

I want to know it all! Thank you for all the work you do in helping us folks understand God’s word. I would like some help in understanding the whole of the Old Testament and would be most interested in a book or course from you, Rabbi Lapin, that does that. However, I’m confused by

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