How Can I Tell My Son…

Peace be with you. I’m a Christian by faith, and I have great love and respect for Jews and Israel. I’ve read the Torah and many books of the Bible and always wondered, why were male Jews allowed to marry more than one wife and/or be with their wife’s servant? Among the 613 and 10 […]

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Are My Sprains, Breaks, and Injuries Sending Me a Message?

I was reading your book “Business Secrets from the Bible” and really like it! You mention how activities such as business and marriage and warfare can be greatly aided by The Bible because they are specifically addressed in the Bible. I do not mean to completely flatter you (well kinda ;)), but my knowledge of

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Silly Ideas

Many people actively work in the world of “things”. Car mechanics, aircraft designers, electricians, farmers, bridge designers, bridge builders, and bridge painters are some of these people. Plumbers, carpenters, crane operators, machinists, gardeners, concrete masons, and shoemakers are a few more. Nature’s laws of physics, chemistry, and biology keep these people in check. As you

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Has God’s Promise Expired?

Does the following scripture in Deuteronomy 6: 1-2 only mean that this promise is only to last for 3 generations? Has this promise expired? “And this is the commandment, the statutes and the laws, the Lord your God commanded to teach you to observe in the land that you are crossing into to inherit. So

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Finding a Good Wife

Dear Rabbi and Susan, I have reached an impasse in my life. I come from a troubled family background and have had to step in and take charge of my parents’ life in a way that a child never should have to do. We are talking about dealing with mental illness and bankruptcy among other

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What Does the Hebrew Mean?

I want to know more about your understanding of the term “Ezer kenegdo” (Genesis 2:18) translated as helpmate in English. What does it actually mean? Jonathan Dear Jonathan, We are delighted that you recognize that any translation of a word or words in the Bible into another language is going to miss out on much

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V is for Vigilante

Charles Bronson starred in the 1974 classic film, Death Wish. Playing Paul Kersey, a New York architect whose family was brutalized by murderous thugs, Bronson goes on a vigilante rampage. I saw this movie in a Manhattan theater in 1975 and as a newly arrived tourist, I was astonished to see that every time Bronson

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Where is the Missing ‘O’?

I’ve noticed in many Jewish writings the words G-d and L-rd. While it’s obvious what the words mean, I’m curious why they are spelled that way.Tom Dear Tom, Some questions pop up repeatedly on our question feed and this is one of them. We can only tell you why we do not write God’s name

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A Grandfather’s Role

I have a very different idea of what constitutes a family from my daughter who lived with her mother after divorce. I define my family as those related by blood, whereas my daughter considers everyone who has ever lived in her past household, including all children of her former stepdad, even those from another mother,

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Is The Bible For Me…

Thank you for all you do providing wisdom and guidance. How does one who isn’t Jewish know if the Bible is for him, or just for a certain people living at a certain time? Thanks again. Marcus W. Dear Marcus, In one of the most delicious ironies of history, the home of the French philosopher

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