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She Said – He Said: A Tale of Lizzie and Bernie

January 15th, 2020 Posted by Susan's Musings 26 comments

Little Lizzie and Bernie had a playground spat.

“He said that I couldn’t  be president because I’m a girl.”

“Did not.”

“Did too.”

“Did not,”  and so on and so forth.

I’m sure some advice in the kindergarten teacher manual recommends how to deal with “he said”-“she said” arguments, but here’s a memo to these presumed grown-ups acting like overgrown toddlers.

You both sound ridiculous!

In the long-ago distant past when I was a child (it wasn’t actually that long ago, but the memory of college-educated American seems to be about ten-minutes-long these days) there was a popular riddle.

“A child is rushed into the operating room after being in a car accident.”

“The surgeon enters the operating room and exclaims, ‘I can’t operate. This is my son.’”

The surgeon is not the boy’s father. How can that be?

The incredibly elusive answer was that the surgeon was the child’s mother.

Have you heard that riddle being told lately? Neither have I. The instant response today would be, “Duh – it’s his mother.” (Or maybe, “Duh, it’s his stepmother or his other dad or….”) Female physicians are part and parcel of the landscape rather than an aberration. Someone should tell that to Senators Warren and Sanders.

Somewhere between my childhood and today, I recall reading—and being terribly annoyed— by an article about women in Congress in Good Housekeeping magazine. If memory serves me, either Senator Susan Collins (Republican, Maine, 1997-present) or Senator Olympia Snowe (Republican, Maine, 1995-2013) spoke of feeling a sisterhood with her female Democrat colleagues to the point of being more likely to support legislation proposed by one of them. I was indignant. Senators are supposed to represent ideas, not gender affiliation. If anything, those words made me less likely to vote for a female, not more. I want my elected officials to examine, analyze and vote based on the legislation itself, not based on feelings of kinship with the person bringing it to the table.

I had a similar negative reaction to former secretary of state Madeleine Albright’s words while campaigning for Hillary Clinton, “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!” If women vote based on such foolish criteria then we should re-examine whether they indeed deserve the vote in the first place. Even Ms. Albright doesn’t mean what she says. Had, for example, Nicky Haley been running on the Republican ticket we can be pretty sure that she wouldn’t have advocated sisterhood. Sarah Palin certainly did not get the support of woke women just for having an  Xtra chromosome.

Here’s the rub. All three Senators I mentioned (Warren, Snowe, and Collins), as well as Ms. Albright, are—how to put this tactfully?—on the older side. Their age is showing. Any assumption that a substantial portion of Americans would not vote for a woman is highly anachronistic. Elizabeth Warren is out-of-touch with reality in many ways. Channeling victimhood for being a woman is one embarrassing example.

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Bernie Sanders’ Christophobia

June 13th, 2017 Posted by Thought Tools 77 comments

If you have been reading Thought Tools for a while or enjoyed any of our other ancient Jewish wisdom resources, you probably suspect, correctly, that you have a better Jewish education than most secular people of Jewish descent. You might even know that the entire Jewish nation take its name from Jacob’s fourth son, Judah.   Why is this so? Because the meaning of Judah, Yehuda in Hebrew, is gratitude, and ancient Jewish wisdom identifies the trait of gratitude as one of the most important defining characteristics of Jewish identity.

Although descended from Jewish bloodlines, Bernie Sanders probably doesn’t know the above information and as a declared atheist he has chosen to reject his ancestors’ faith. Nonetheless, in the eyes of America and the world he is a Jew. For this reason, I am sharing an important column written by our friend Ben Stein, which so effectively captures the view of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians. It was just published in The Spectator ( where his work regularly appears.  I am grateful for permission to share it with our Thought Tool subscribers.

Ben Stein’s Diary

I am a Jew. All of my ancestors have been Jews since Judaism was founded almost 6,000 years ago on the belief of a monotheistic God. I pray in Hebrew every morning and every night. And I am deeply, cruelly, painfully embarrassed at my fellow Jew, Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

February 23rd, 2016 Posted by Thought Tools No Comment yet

Bernie Sanders (with whom I’d much rather spend an evening with than Hillary Clinton) is almost comical in his sputtering fury against “Wall Street.”  When he panders to students, it’s “Wall Street” that imposes draconian interest rates upon their loans.  When he panders to groups based on skin color, it’s again “Wall Street” that causes their troubles.  No doubt it’s again “Wall Street” that is responsible for this winter’s poor snowfall in Vermont.

It goes without saying that one could easily find human beings who have worked in companies located in buildings on Wall Street that have behaved reprehensibly.  In just the same way, there are more than 700 teachers still employed by New York public schools accused of offenses ranging from violence against students to sexual misconduct who are being paid their full salaries to sit around in what are called ‘rubber rooms’. That fact doesn’t discredit the idea of education any more than miscreants in finance discredit the free market. (more…)

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