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Religious leaders gone bad…

November 19th, 2015 Posted by Ask the Rabbi No Comment yet


Sadly, we’ve all heard numerous accounts of pedophile priests, with some explaining away their sickness as being a result of forced celibacy and inability to “connect” with a loving wife.

But just today, the news from the east coast of a rabbi accused of filming young women, as they undressed for the mikvah (ritual bath) just rattled me. Not celibate, he has NO EXCUSE and is a “disgrace to his race”.

∼ Mrs M.


Dear Mrs. M.,

We know of the 2014 incident you are referencing and like all Jews, we found it painful and disturbing. Clearly, the rabbi involved sinned greatly and he must be a troubled and sick man. His actions were certainly evil. It is very hard to deal with this and it rattles us as well. We expect more from someone in his position – or actually from all people.


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