Is There a Difference Between a Cow and a Cat?

It says in the Bible that a good man cares for his “beast.” Does this just mean animals that are “useful” such as cows that give meat and milk and other “useful” animals, or does it mean all pets, such as dogs and cats. P.S. We like your show [Ancient Jewish Wisdom] very much. We […]

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My neighbor was telling me about a recent Bible study where he became aware that originally God had us as vegetarians and the animals were no threat and that after the flood God told Noah that was no more & we could now eat meat. We were wondering why the change. Our thought was that

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Animals Are People Too, Right?

Don’t you know that homosexuality is natural?  Surely you must be aware that same-sex behavior involving courtship and pair-bonding has been observed in hundreds of species of animals? California’s Proposition 47 ensures that a career criminal (Sorry, I forgot that San Francisco prohibits that term in favor of “justice-involved-individual”) who steals money or property suffers

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Does Genesis justify abortion?

Question: Kermit Gosnell (abortionist covictied of murder) justifies abortion using Genesis 2:7. (Adam became a living soul when God breathed the breath of life into his nostrils.) He claims that a baby does not become a living soul until it takes its first breath of air.   Please tell me that God’s language and Ancient

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