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Why don’t you speak up?

January 29th, 2020 Posted by Ask the Rabbi 18 comments

I listened to your podcast about The Real Reason the Left Silences Conservative Speakers and Suppresses Pro-Family Voices (November 2018). It was a most brilliant and stunning analysis.  You are obviously calling the position of the Left as anti-Biblical. 

My question is:  Since you are a major voice in America today to both Christians and Jews, and since both Reformed and Conservative Jewish Communities vote almost 100% Left as well as the Secular Church, why not call them out specifically? 

If not for hypocrisy, then at least for the glaring contradiction that they worship Bible but vote against it? Then we, who agree with you, could build on your statements of perfect logic with people in our circles of influence.

Susan B.

Dear Susan B.,

We were looking through our rather large stack of unanswered ‘Ask the Rabbi’ questions and came across yours. It is extraordinarily appropriate this week since our conversation is filled with exactly this topic as we prepare for our long-awaited Master Class updating our book, America’ s Real War.

Let us correct your impression that we might have been remiss in failing to ‘call out’ the Jewish culprits. When you read America’s Real War, either as a participant in our upcoming Master Class program or else by awaiting the rewriting and publication of the new updated edition, you will discover that we exercised very little restraint in naming the bad actors in the Jewish community. These include the communities you identify as well as other Americans of Jewish ancestry whose entire value systems are shaped by modern secular fundamentalism rather than by the values of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  We exposed the villains so thoroughly that when America’s Real War first came out in 1999, our family was targeted so aggressively that today’s social justice warriors and cancel cowards would have been impressed. Without dwelling on it, it was an unpleasant period for us and for our children.  But it was also annealing in the way that steel is strengthened by fire and we all grew from the sometimes frightening experience.

When we wrote that book just before the terror attacks of 9-11,  we wrote it as a response to the horror we felt upon discovering that the loudest Jewish voices in society were those that seemed to oppose much of what the Bible stood for and support that which the Bible condemns. We were not shy about this problem.

Since that time, we have continued to condemn loudly and forthrightly all those attempting to silence the Scriptural view on current topics. Our voice and the voices of other Jewish and Christian leaders, ranging from rabbis and pastors to opinion-makers like Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, and others are all ignored or vilified by Left-leaning leaders.

America’s Real War: An Orthodox Rabbi Insists That Judeo-Christian Values are Vital for Our Nation’s Survival was written precisely for the reason that you mention in your closing paragraph. We wanted to provide intellectual ammunition to those wishing to base their views on the Bible. In addition, we wanted to explain about the cultural fractures undermining what we call the Jewish community that are not well understood by most Christians, or to be honest, by many Jews as well.

As you know, Secular Fundamentalism is an extremist form of religion and heretics are not tolerated. It is incredibly hard to change people’s minds with logical arguments; we can, however, feel strengthened in our own views and work to change hearts.

America’s Real War played an important role in the culture wars of the time and we are eager for the updated version to do so at this time. We do hope that you have checked out and will join us in this Master Class.

Be strong and of good courage,

Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin

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