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With speaking events scheduled in Nashville, Atlanta, and Orlando recently, I enjoyed the hospitality of five different hotels. Without naming the hotels because it is not entirely their fault, rude and inconsiderate conduct is apparently becoming common. One morning, preparing to depart, I sought in vain for one of the complimentary luggage trolleys one usually […]

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Yes, Virginia, There is Still an America

The satiric site the Babylon Bee, found it necessary to start a second online site, Not the Bee. As serious pronouncements by politicians, academicians, and celebrities become increasingly outlandish, too often what the Bee writes of as humorous becomes real news a short time later. Hence, Not the Bee, where absurd but true news is

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An Update from Rabbi Daniel and Susan

To our dear Happy Warriors, We are writing from Jerusalem in a country that is under attack. The past few days, since the morning of Shabbat which was also the morning of one of the most festive and holy days of the Jewish year, have been surreal. People here are in shock. This message is

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Trumping Patton

A few years ago, I began comparing President Trump to General Patton. Other than learning about the World War II leader as a part of overall history, my first closer look at him came when I started to watch the movie Patton starring George C. Scott. Very shortly into the film, I turned it off,

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Junk Mail

Between hectic preparations for Rosh Hashana, celebrating the holiday itself, and catching up with the day after, I neglected to check my email junk box for four days. Among the 200 or so messages that had accumulated, numerous hot Ukrainian women vied for my attention along with many urgent notices from Costco about rewards that

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Rekindling Patriotism

A long-time Cuban immigrant to the United States, Martin Gurri, wrote a stirring paean to his adopted country for the nation’s 247th birthday. He poured out his gratitude for being an American and explained why America is truly exceptional. There was one fly in the ointment. Mentioning his 5-year-old grandson, he wrote that this child

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Is God just?

Question: I have a friend in his mid 50’s who has come to Christianity in the last 12 years, He has a hard time resolving how God treated certain people groups in the Five Books of Moses and the Prophets Bible that were destroyed or killed by God’s command. I have tried talking to him

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Abundant Gratitude

I hope that you are too busy preparing for a grateful Thanksgiving with relatives and friends to have time to read a long Musing. We are looking forward to welcoming two of our grandchildren (5 and 8) from out-of-town who will remain with us for the weekend after joining us for a Thanksgiving feast at

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Should I be in business with a sinner?

Question: I have been a born-again Christian for 35 years. During that time a health and wellness company I worked with as an independent contractor/nurse for 25 years, decided to sell. They offered the company to myself and a homosexual man. I was always service and he was the sales arm of the business. I

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