A Love Letter

My husband sort of wrote me a letter overflowing with warmth, gratitude, and love. To explain the ‘sort of,’ I need to give you the back story. One of the joys of the holiday of Purim is the obligation to eat a festive meal. Let’s just say that it is one of the easier commandments […]

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Who Wrote This

For the most part, I haven’t paid attention to the expanding selection of stories about AI – artificial intelligence. I’m more interested in honing my own brain and finding friends with whom I can have intelligent discussions. However, three of the men in our family follow technological news attentively. (Yes, women can enjoy technology, but

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Grab the Gold

Here’s a question for politicians:  Do you really want to fight poverty?  I mean do you really, really want to end poverty, or do you just want to get re-elected? If you really mean it, I have some good news for you along with some bad news. The good news is that you no longer

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