Is what I read about abortion and Judaism correct?

Hello! Please comment on a USA Today article claiming the Jewish faith teaches that abortion is permitted.  The article was published on July 27, 2019.  Are they accurately quoting the teachings of the faith? From: Carole P. Dear Carole, Thank you for bringing this shameful,  painful and misleading article to our attention. The short answer …

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Come Out Fighting

A funny thing happened on the way to last week’s Musing. Actually, it wasn’t funny and neither is it rare. My thoughts, the ones that seemed so organized in my head, did not translate well onto paper. What was unusual was that the deadline for publishing the Musing loomed so close last week that I …

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Womanly Virtue???

Have you ever heard people (usually female) say that if only women ran the world there would be fewer wars and less aggression? That argument never resonated with me, but an emerging trend is revealing serious flaws in the concept. The trend is towards the commission of violent crime by women. On Halloween, a woman …

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Choose Life

What if you do not want to pray for life? That thought ran as an undercurrent through my mind as I prayed the extra prayers during the Ten Days of Repentance that culminate with Yom Kippur – the Day of Atonement. Many of those prayers plead with God for the opportunity to live for another …

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