Is the House Burning Down?

AAJC 2022 Update Dear Friend— Thank you for your generous support of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians (AAJC) these past few difficult years. Whatever we have accomplished and however we have helped our Happy Warriors to keep on building has been possible only through your gifts. American artist Charles E. Burchfield painted this...

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Enjoyable Interview – Rabbi Taylor and Dave Rubin

Happy Friday all of you happy warriors! Susan and I enjoyed this interview this week with our friend, Rabbi Pinchas Taylor and his guest, Dave Rubin. We hope you do too! Why I Left the Left and No Longer Consider Myself an Atheist | Dave Rubin and Rabbi Pinchas Taylor

Why Do I Write Thought Tools?

No country has been more hospitable to its Jewish population than the United States of America.  It is hard to think of another nation in which a Jewish community has enjoyed a longer period of tranquillity and affluence.  For two thousand years, in different countries, at different times, the wandering Jew found a resting place...

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AAJC Update – December 2019

Dear Friend, The good news is that we see daily evidence that the work of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians (AAJC) is blessed. We are seeing results that we didn’t get back when we started. There is so much more openness, friendship, participation and gratitude for the AAJC than we used to see. …

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Giving Tuesday Winner

We’re delighted to announce that Carola from Tacoma, WA was the winner of an Income Abundance Set in our Giving Tuesday raffle. We thank everyone who donated on that day (of course, we appreciate donations all year round!) for helping us to continue putting out Thought Tools, Ask the Rabbi, Susan’s Musings, podcasts, and our …

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AAJC Happenings – Update from Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Dear Friend— In hoping to enlist your support for our work here at the American Alliance of Jews and Christians, I could list our activities, events, appearances, and publications—and I shall do so.  But first you deserve a picture of the umbrella beneath which everything we do flourishes. Let me try this metaphor: Imagine plucking …

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“Hate-Speech” and Twitter – Rabbi Lapin’s Response

Rabbi Daniel Lapin was asked to respond for a news article to Louis Farrakhan’s most recent anti-Semitic remark on Twitter, and on Twitter’s hypocrisy in addressing “hate-speech”. Here is his submitted quote: “Jews, along with all Americans, are best served by constitutional fealty and it is the First Amendment to the Constitution that happily makes …

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Rabbi Lapin on Iranian TV

You may not have heard, but on Friday, September 14, 2018, Rabbi Daniel Lapin appeared on television throughout Iran. “If a billion Muslims became Evangelical Christians tomorrow, would the world be a better place?” This is the simple yes/no question that Rabbi Daniel Lapin has become famous for asking to large audiences. As a result, …

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Don’t Disturb Me Now

“Don’t disturb me now!”  How often have we used that phrase?  Looking back, whenever we’ve muttered, “Don’t disturb me now,” hasn’t it usually been said to a child?   The years inevitably go by and eventually you wish that your child would disturb you now. Occasionally, we might say it to a spouse.  Then the...

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Dear AAJC Friend, Greetings to you as we rapidly approach the summer months of 2018.  It is our prayer that so far this has been a blessed, healthy and prosperous year for you and your loved ones. I saw a recent editorial headline that read, “America is a more divided nation than ever before”  At …

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