I’m the Breadwinner

Dear Rabbi and Susan, You mentioned in your recent podcast that it is detrimental to a marriage when the woman is the primary breadwinner. What advice do you have for a wife who is the primary breadwinner when her husband is physically healthy but has chosen to be a househusband and won’t look for work? […]

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Men Need Work

With a population of over 300 million people, America can be a statistical sociologist’s dream. Because doctors record so many details about patients, a treasure trove of medical data is available for research (we hope scrubbed of identifying information). Particulars of patients’ gender, height, weight, medications, and ailments are all there to be studied. When

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5Fs for Teenagers?

Dear Rabbi and Susan Lapin. I got The Holistic You book and I am blown away by how the 5 Fs interact. In addition, your latest podcast relating to the Daily Mail scenario was truly eye-opening… I have learned so much from you and really appreciate your honesty without the warm butter LOL. I have

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Starting a New Business

I would like to start a real estate investment firm, for two reasons. First, my employer reduced me to half-time, and second, I want to work from a home office so that I can help my wife with our child who has autism. The question is related to engaging in entrepreneurship while the spouse opposes

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I Was Valedictorian in My MBA Program

I am an Indian woman living in France. I put all my eggs into 1 basket, moved lock, stock and barrel, to France to pursue an MBA. And, I did. I’m the valedictorian in my batch. It’s been 3 and half years since my graduation, and I couldn’t find a job. I’ve exhausted all my

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What’s up with fitness?

I am a Happy Warrior and have listened to your podcasts and read your books for several years. I am curious as to why Fitness was not incorporated in your teachings to the other four F’s (Family, Faith, Friendships and Finances) until rather recently.  Can you explain? Respectfully, Pedro A. P., Coral Gables, Florida Dear

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