Dear AAJC Friend,

Greetings to you as we rapidly approach the summer months of 2018.  It is our prayer that so far this has been a blessed, healthy and prosperous year for you and your loved ones.

I saw a recent editorial headline that read, “America is a more divided nation than ever before”  At first, I agreed wholeheartedly with that statement.  But then, I questioned myself.  After all, we were a pretty divided nation in the 1770s.  Some wanted to break with England while others did not.  We were a very divided nation in the 1850s.  That division even led to a bloody war.  We were divided in the 1930s.  Some wanted to participate in finishing off Nazi Germany while others wanted to leave the ‘Old World’ to fight its wars alone. 

But now really is different.  At the time of our founding, we were divided about declaring independence but we all agreed about the Judeo-Christian basis to our society.  During the Civil War both sides relied on the Bible for guidance.  Many Americans did not want the country in World War 2 but everyone agreed that the Nazi barbarians threatened the Judeo-Christian values that had built civilization.

But today, we are divided about those Judeo-Christian values.  Some believe them to be vital for our nation’s survival while others view them as primitive obstructions to progress.  Some regard the work of those wise Christian men over two hundred years ago, our Constitution, as vital for our nation’s survival while others see it as a primitive obstruction to progress.  Today, we really are divided about the fundamentals of our existence.  The kind of lives we shall live and the kind of country in which our children will grow up is up for grabs.  It could go either way.

It should be obvious to all that civilization as we know it and as we live it in comparative tranquility every day utterly depends upon Biblically based Judeo-Christian values being gently and lovingly implanted in every hearth.

This is a question I regularly ask when I am being interviewed on radio and television:  Right now, would the world be a better place or a worse place if a billion Moslems became Christians.  The long silence I usually get indicates that everyone knows the answer.

We’re living in a time Christians and Jews must stand up for  what we believe.   Only Judeo-Christian values can save the world from descending into decades of darkness.  That, in short, is our mission.

And in support of this mission we’ve been sending out Thought Tools free to over 40,000 subscribers every week now for ten years.   I hope you receive it and enjoy it.  More than that, I hope that you extract meaning from it and discover new spiritual strategies to apply in your life. 

(If are a new subscriber to Thought Tools and have yet to benefit from it or you do not share my views about the future of civilization and what we could be doing, I apologize.  Please ignore it and forgive me for troubling you.)

However, if you have been reading our Thought Tools for a while, you might have noticed that this weekly spiritual strategy is sent out by the not-for-profit American Alliance of Jews and Christians.  I would like to tell you a little about the AAJC.

The American Alliance of Jews and Christians grew from the deep conviction held by a group of Jewish and Christian friends, that despite theological differences, millions of Jews and Christians share a common vision of civilization and furthermore, definitely prefer civilization to its alternative—barbarism.

Civilization prefers tranquility to violence; it prefers men to treat women with respect and deference; it prefers freedom to centrally planned tyranny; it prefers people enjoying economic independence through their own efforts to socialism; it believes in charity by choice rather than in government redistribution by force; it believes that marriage is the uniting of one man and one woman devoted to one another and to their children, and it believes that both the beginning and end of life should be in God’s hands alone.  Civilization engenders friendship, beauty, compassion, and courtesy rather than brutishness and vulgarity.  Like the American Founders, we prefer a Biblically inspired culture to the sordid stain of secularism and the socialistic society it tends to inspire.

In recent years, America’s Judeo-Christian principles have been increasingly under assault by the media, our universities, as well as the government.  The self-evident truths of 1776 that the Founders based so solidly on Scripture have been marginalized by the notion that no such truths exist.

Some insist that America must change by casting off the old and putting on the new.  But the change that we urgently need is not movement away from, but a return to our founding Judeo-Christian principles.  At this important time in our nation’s history, we must respond by retaking and resolutely defending the high ground of America’s founding principles.

That is why we began this important work over twenty years ago which led to our establishing the  American Alliance of Jews & Christians.  Since that time we have been directly impacting our world by promoting better understanding and cooperation between Christians and Jews who care about God’s Biblical blueprint.

Our mission is to equip today’s thought-leaders and opinion-makers with the Bible’s ancient solutions to  cutting-edge problems that come directly from the sacred principles found in ancient Jewish wisdom. 

I am asking for your help and support today.  I am telling you this right now so that if you are unable to help at this time or simply do not wish to do so, you don’t have to continue reading. And that is just fine.  I value your time and I appreciate you and the many other ways you help defend all that is good.

But if you’re still reading, you might like to know more about our work and perhaps help our work continue by means of an appropriate gesture of financial support.  Let me tell you a little more about the idea behind the AAJC and its goals and dreams.

We have not done this work alone.  Countless people have given of their time and financial support to help us make a positive difference in America and around the world.   AAJC is a not-for-profit organization.  It is the support from people like you that allows us to continue broadcasting Bible teachings from ancient Jewish wisdom worldwide via radio, TV, books, the Internet, newsletters, personal appearances, speaking engagements and much more.

We have been honored to work alongside many wonderful organizations that share a similar conviction of restoring Biblical principles into the American culture.  Although the American Alliance of Jews and Christians   has made tremendous progress and it continues to expand its  calling, there is still much to be done.  We need your help more than ever. The threat of Muslim terror and political influence continues to rise.  Not only in the United States, but also directly against Israel.

How can we stop this onslaught against our culture?  Who has the knowledge and the ability to help fight this battle?  With your help, the AAJC has become a leader in this courageous fight.

The sacred mission of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians is to provide the ammunition for keeping the culture attached to its Judeo-Christian spiritual roots enabling it to continue as healthy and successful. 

Our weekly Thought Tools as well as the books and audio CDs we help make available, our daily TV show on TCT Television Network and our podcast now heard around the world are all part of how we provide the intellectual ammunition for good men and women around the world to deploy in the struggle to defend civilization and protect the culture we love. 

This year, AAJC continues to increase our effectiveness through new publications, programs, speaking engagements in the US and Internationally, and we look forward to soon announcing a national conference.

If these values are important to you and your family, I would like to ask you to join with us.  We have a responsibility to our children to do what we can to fight for a return to Judeo-Christian values.

I would never suggest how much you should or can give. This is an intensely personal decision; however, I will tell you that for our programmed activities during 2018-2019, we have planned a program requiring a budget of $900,000.  We are grateful for those few of you who give in the tens of thousands of dollars.  We are equally grateful to the many of you who give in the hundreds and tens. It is up to you and up to me and if you give us the tools, we’ll do the job. 

Whatever support you can give to our work will be very much appreciated. You can make your tax-deductible gift HERE or by mailing in your gift to: 

P.O. Box 58
Mercer Island, WA 98040 

May God bless you and protect you and may we all be privileged to do our part in protecting the legacy He entrusted to humanity on Mount Sinai over three thousand years ago. 

Rabbi Daniel Lapin


American Alliance of Jews and Christians 

PS:  Just as ancient Israel arrived in the Promised Land with nothing but a set of Biblically-based ideas and proceeded to carve a civilization out of a wilderness, those great early Americans did the same thing.  They crossed an ocean bearing little more than those timeless truths of the Bible and they too carved a great civilization out of a great wilderness.

Now plucking a flower from its roots and bringing it indoors to enjoy might seem like a good idea but pretty soon we discover that anything severed from its roots dies mighty quickly.  Similarly, the great ideas of western civilization have roots too.  Those roots are enshrined in the page of Scripture. And trying to disconnect civilization from its roots assures it of a rapid demise.

Therein lays the sacred mission of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians.  Keeping civilization attached to its Judeo-Christian spiritual roots to maintain it as a fresh, strong, and influential force.

I want to support the  AAJC

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    I totally agree with you. Your comments make common sense to persons who adopt a biblical world view. Unfortunately, many “christians” or church-goers no longer read the bible on a regular basis and are instead enamored by popular religious personalities who are directed by their personal partisan political preferences and not by scripture. I’ve seen this evolve in churches over the decades. It is alarming because spiritual leaders who hold and preach biblical values, like the deceased Billy Graham, his son Franklin Graham and a few others, are discredited and disparaged as “hateful, intolerant, evil, etc…” within many church circles. We are in BIG TROUBLE if we don’t return to the Bible. because the Common Core State Standards, mandated under President Obama and adopted by many school systems, introduces Islamic practices into the regular curriculum. While the Bible is banned and Christianity is prohibited, students are being indoctrinated with this religion, without the knowledge of their parents. I try to stay on top of things, but most christians I know could care less. One day they will, unless we aggressively return to the study and practice of scripture.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Yes, Jeanne-
      Indeed, you are right and this is exactly what the American Alliance of Jews and Christians is working to defeat. ( )
      The apathy of well-intentioned is one of our biggest problems. Thank you for your support.

  2. I look forward to supporting the AAJC. Your mission is part of a growing movement to return to our foundations. Mark Levin’s work in political commentary seeks to return us to adherence to constitutional norms in government. Those norms only work when supported by the Judeo-Christian values of the governed. Similarly, Michael Savage has for years urged us to take to heart borders, language, culture as a glue to our national identity. But neither of these currents can be effectual without the spiritual Gulf Stream of abiding faith in the Sovereign Lord and Creator, who reveals himself to us in Scripture and who seeks to lead us along paths of peace by His Torah. Bravo to you and Miss Susan and all who have gathered together to support the AAJC.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Thank you Joyce–
      As I said in the letter, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with many organizations and individuals such as those you mention as we all defend different areas of the barricades. But, as you say, the ammunition that brings to the battle is God’s eternal message to mankind that He granted to Moses on Mt Sinai.
      Thank you for your support,

  3. Dear Rabbi and Susan,
    Thank you so much for all that you do and the biblical truths that you empart. We w.
    I wish that we could be among those who give thousands. How ever rest assured that our tens will keep coming as long as God allows us to do so. I pray that the message will someday begin to fall on ears and minds that are now deaf to it. We pray also for those subscribers who leave comments. We read those as well. Most are much more literate than I.
    God bids all,

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Thank you Brian,
      we too appreciate those who write and those who support as well as those who read, listen and help in the good fight.
      With appreciation for your support and friendship,

  4. Great work though you seemed to have carefully omitted the reason for the 1850’s division which was about slavery.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Yes, Mavenah,
      You’re right and the reason is because both sides quoted from the Bible. That does not indict the Bible any more than a person who preaches his perpetual motion machine indicts the physics text book he misread. Our point is that regardless, it was the Bible to which people turned. Today, however, we are influenced and led by people who truly have no idea whether Leviticus is a men’s after shave lotion or the name of a book.
      Thank you for your support and friendship.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Thank you very much Ann.
      You might just go to and use your Canadian credit card there. It should be no problem. AAJC has many Canadian supporters thank God.

  5. Thank you for all you do. I listen to your podcast as often as l can. I prefer it to music of the time which is noise to me. You and susan are doing a great work! I believe the constitution was indpired from above. God bless in all you do.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Thank you Joyce–
      We appreciate you listening and writing.
      God bless!

  6. Of utmost importance is the determination to remain focused. Do not become discouraged. Your efforts will be rewarded. Saul of Tarsus wrote: Preach the word. Be instant in season out of season. Reprove, reproof, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine. For the time will come when they will no longer endure sound doctrine but will heap unto themselves teachers, having itching ears, and they shall turn away from truth and be turned unto fables. I pray God to bless and keep you.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Thank you Bruce–
      We appreciate your exhortation and pledge to remain strong and to stand firm. We have work to do. As do we all.

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