Special Announcement – Happy Warriors Basic Membership

Dear Happy Warriors,

A frequent theme in our books and writings is how being anchored to core values and permanent principles liberates us to adjust to changing circumstances. Well, we have some changes coming. Two driving forces are leading us to act by introducing a We Happy Warriors Basic level.

The good news first! Our ministry is growing. The challenge? How do we continue to retain the personal, service-oriented relationships we value?

We have prided ourselves on being highly responsive to emails and communication from our listeners, readers and viewers. As the numbers grow, that takes more and more of our time leaving less time for content creation.

At the same time, we are becoming more wary of using platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. We do not want to muzzle ourselves to prevent our being “de-platformed” and we are less and less comfortable with being on those sites (that’s the not-so-good news).

Introducing We Happy Warriors Basic

What is We Happy Warriors Basic? It is a member level for a low monthly fee of $4.99. Here is how it works: 

  1. We will continue sending out Thought Tools, Ask the Rabbi and Susan, Susan’s Musings, podcast notifications and new resources and product information via email to those on our mailing list. If you have signed up for any of those mailings or for We Happy Warriors, you will still receive those. 
  1. We will intentionally foster a community atmosphere. To that end,  we are moving comments away from where they are on rabbidaniellapin.com putting them behind a member wall at the We Happy Warriors community. On the new platform, we are no longer going to moderate comments, allowing them to appear immediately and to encourage you to “chat” with each other. We all need more connection and more community these days! Rabbi Daniel Lapin is also looking forward to more robust discussions about his podcasts, right from within the community.

We hope that the new monthly We Happy Warrior basic charge  will discourage trolls as only those who join the community will be allowed to comment. We trust you to follow our basic rules of using polite and caring words as you interact with each other.

We will continue sending out Thought Tools, Ask the Rabbi and Susan, Susan’s Musings, podcast notifications and new resources and product information via email to everyone on our mailing list.

Non-members will be limited to reading 3 free articles a month over at rabbidaniellapin.com. These can be any combination of Thought Tools, Ask the Rabbi and Susan’s Musings. The podcast will remain available to all. We Happy Warriors Basic members (and Special Access and Plus members) will continue to be able to read all our mailings and also will receive full  access to the  library of articles to search out topics of interest.

Basic members will also receive access to 20 key episodes from our Ancient Jewish Wisdom TV series in the areas of Faith, Family, Finances, Friendships and Fitness; and a copy of our free ebook: The Holistic You: Integrating Your Family, Finances, Faith, Friendships & Fitness.

Other benefits for joining as a basic member include monthly Deep Dive videos with Rabbi Daniel and Susan; access to the Rabbi’s entire podcast archive (going back to 2015); and a top-notch mobile app for iOS and Android where you can view all of your library content.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the idea that our aim continues to be to provide life-enhancing resources of practical value.  We have always promoted the idea that the best way to test whether what one is doing is valuable is to see if people are willing to pay for it. We know that tens of thousands of you receive our mailings. Many of you have been doing so for over a decade. It would certainly provide us with a boost of energy to see that people are  willing to support us through membership in our community.

These changes will take place over the next couple of weeks and will be fully implemented by September 23.

We hope that these changes will allow us to add staff and continue strengthening our relationships with you, our treasured happy warriors.


Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin

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