What does one say about the carnage in Las Vegas? Sometimes, silence, along with prayer, is the best response.

2 thoughts on “Silence”

  1. Beate Magdalena Ulrich-Schwieger

    Yes it is correct. But somethings nobody can help other people only hold your hand.
    Because people who help are only human. They are afraid sometimes to help. I under-
    stand this exactly. It is dangerous to help. Because bad things in the world. But the
    most in life is beautiful. Look at the trees, colours, rainbow, rain and feel that you will
    be love. Yes i think so. Thanks i can write here a little bit. Beate Magdalena Ulrich-Schwieger
    best wishes for all.

  2. The obvious thing to focus on is the bravery and heroism of police, first responders and individuals who gave their lives to save others.

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