Should My Husband Join My Business?


My husband and I are ready your book on business as a result of seeing you on the 700 club. I have been in business for 25 years in the Imprinted Apparel business and recently my husband lost his job. It made sense for him to join the business as he is 10 years younger than me and I have to deal with a lot of boxes and deliveries when jobs are completed.
My business has supplied me for 25 years but it is a small business and now we need to generate enough income for 2. We start our day everyday reading scripture and praying and then get to work. So far so good as the last Summer Camp order was double the size of last year. It is still a step in faith as we attempt to grow our business and ask God to help us.
Is there any specific advise you would give us? Thank you and God bless you today.

∼ Lauren A.


Dear Lauren,

If you have been in business for 25 years and it is growing, you must be doing many thing right. You clearly invite God to bless and guide your business which is always an important step.

We’d like to limit our comments to the effects of your husband joining your business. While a temporary measure may sometimes make sense, it does make us uncomfortable for you and your husband to see his contribution as restricted to brawn. If his only role is one that could be filled by a strapping sixteen-year-old then we would worry about the effect on his self-identity and your respect for him.

Additionally, it is a bad business move to overpay someone beyond his fiscal contribution to the bottom line merely because he is the boss’ husband. We may have misunderstood and he may be making other important contributions. However, it not, we’d suggest that he seeks another position elsewhere.

Even if your husband does contribute greatly to the business, we urge you both to be acutely aware of the effects on your relationship. Being your husband’s boss can lead to emotions and ramifications that do not stay confined to the workplace. (A man being his wife’s boss also has difficulties but of another nature.)

While each situation is unique, we would encourage you and your husband to ‘put the marriage before the money’.

Wishing you both success in marriage and in business,

Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin


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