Rush to Judgment; Ambling to Correction

In my last Musing,  I questioned the “Heil Hitler, Heil Trump,” shouted out at a performance of Fiddler on the Roof. I didn’t know what was wrong with the reporting, but I wasn’t willing to automatically accept the “white-supremacist blame it on Trump” story.
Turns out he is an anti-Trump (presumably liberal?) man who was drunk and did shout this out, but as a way of insulting the President.
Would you believe that headlines, like the one on the Huffington Post that are giving the follow-up, mention an apology by the man but don’t correct the misinterpretation of his act? You have to read the whole story to shatter the white-supremacist myth. This means most people will be left misled.

4 thoughts on “Rush to Judgment; Ambling to Correction”

  1. And this is what the President means when he uses the term “Fake News.” I listened yesterday to a interview with President Trump and the interviewer couldn’t seem to grasp, (or refused to) the concept that there are news organizations who routinely play this game, knowing they are influencing people in something that is false. Because the false narrative is their goal. Troubling times.

    1. Yes, the news organizations are indignant about the term “fake news” while so many of us are grateful that someone is finally calling it out.

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