Rest in Peace, Mrs. Ziglar

Some relationships are special blessings. For us, one of these was our friendship with Zig and Jean Ziglar.  Zig was the public face, but we had the privilege of meeting and spending time with “the Redhead” as well. There are countless number of people whose lives have been improved because they were touched by Zig and his tireless work as he helped others attain their dreams. We know, as he often said, that without Jean he wouldn’t have achieved his life mission. Theirs was a true partnership.

Jean was gracious, lively and full of warmth. She loved her family and church. She even made room for us in her heart and we send our heartfelt condolences to Tom, Cindy, Julie and the rest of the Ziglar family.

9 thoughts on “Rest in Peace, Mrs. Ziglar”

  1. That is a very lovely tribute. I remember hearing a good deal about Mr. Ziglar when motivational speaker Tony Robbins would praise his enormous contribution to all the thinking on how to positively motivate yourself and others to achievement of your life goals. I do so love all that stuff. Very good fuel not only for thought but action and endlessly fascinating. The thing I love the best is that many of the classics on the field originated during the time of the Depression in America. Optimism, boundless optimism and the spirit of as my grandparents used to say “try, try again’ I truly believe is FUNDAMENTAL to the American Spirit. Seems to be missing somewhat on the current scene. I feel that spirit in all your programs too. And appreciate it greatly.

    1. You are so right, Mary Angela. So many Americans have not spent time in cultures where the prevailing spirit is not optimism and can-do mentality, so they think that it is universal. We have sadly stopped teaching that in many places and promote thinking like a passive victim instead, waiting for government to take care of us.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear of Mrs. Zigglers passing. I listened to Zig’s many tapes while driving for many years though the 80’s, got to shake his hand once in a line to pay for a meal and I felt I knew Zig and his lovely Redhead as if they were my dear friends. A friend from Yazoo Miss. a while ago when I was bragging on this wonderful man from his city, told me he thought Zigs children were at the time exploiting him by insisting he still give his presentations even after his tragic fall. I explained to him that I witnessed first hand that event and his daughters loving guidance and the happyness Zig gave to us still showed he was doing with love what he did best, entertain and inform the audience.

    1. Lee, isn’t it amazing how quick people are to pass judgment on others? Zig’s family truly is a loving one and the respect and affection we saw among them all serves as a role model for us.

    2. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Thanks Lee, for putting the record straight.
      I think that perhaps people are becoming more and more of busybodies. Perhaps as government grows and invades ever more of our lives, people feel thereby empowered to do the same. We too were present at several of Zig’s last appearances and it couldn’t have been clearer that there was nothing else at all he’d rather have been doing. We also know his children and they are all remarkable and caring people. Everyone should be blessed to have such kids. We’re especially fond of Tom Ziglar who is in his own right, a marvelous resource for the ambitious business professional.

  3. Sad to hear this. Contemplating Ziglar Legacy training, and I’ve listened to Zigs tapes a few years now (since hearing Rabbi Lapin mention him once). It was beyond obvious that she was his other half in every sense. A terrible loss for their family.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Run, don’t walk Dennis,
      to get your Ziglar training. Unless you have zero ambition.
      Thanks for being there.

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