Reluctantly Being Pushed

Saying that I am not a digital native is a bit like saying that I am not a black belt in karate. Duh! So, I was not shocked that when I posted a cheesecake recipe in preparation for the holy days of Shavuot (Pentecost) on our We Happy Warrior member site, I accidentally sent out an announcement linking to my husband’s podcast field. My apologies. My husband’s podcast has not become a cooking program and the recipe for Zig Ziglar Cheesecake is actually located in our general discussion feed.

Our office team has been touting our new Kajabi Community App to me. I have been ignoring their encouragement to download the app and allow notifications. I prefer seeing things on my computer and one might even say that I dislike my phone as frequently as I am grateful for it. Provide directions while I’m driving to a new destination? Thank you. Allow me to keep up with our family’s doings through What’s App? Amazing. Tempt me to ignore the person in front of me to look something up or see if someone wants my attention? Horrible. Worry that the government is tracking me? Creepy.

For this reason, while I rely on my computer and other devices for work and personal projects, my instinct when asked to allow notifications on any site or app I utilize is an automatic ‘no.’ I do not need to get constant updates distracting me. To my chagrin, last week I discovered that several of our members had introduced themselves (what an interesting bunch!) and made comments on our app and I had no idea they had done so. In case you, like me, do not instinctively navigate websites and cannot type with your thumbs at the speed of light, we will be fine-tuning what we have and uploading new tutorials on how to navigate our community. I know our team is happy to help with questions. Meanwhile, I have succumbed and the We Happy Warrior Kajabi community app is now securely on my phone with notifications enabled. No pings, no vibration, but when I choose to look, I can see what is going on. I still prefer old movies and old books, but I am looking forward to tentatively using this new form of communication.

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