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September 10th, 2020 Posted by Susan's Musings 22 comments

Are you ready for a story that will make you happy?  From our youngest days, my sister and I knew Cousin Mae as one of my mother’s closest relatives. Mae and my mother had grown up together and still talked regularly, sharing good times and bad. In 2000, when we were sitting shiva* for my mother, Mae, of course, was right there. However, she didn’t expect the shocking revelation that my aunt shared. It seems that we actually aren’t related to Mae! Since her last name was the same as my mother’s maiden name, they grew up thinking they were cousins, but in actuality, the relationship was of the heart, not of blood.

Nonetheless, I am still in touch with Mae, who celebrated her 90th birthday this year. In the summers, she spends time in an apartment near the beach in Long Island, NY, enjoying walks on the sand and the cool Atlantic Ocean breezes.  A few days ago, two men knocked on her door. They were the local lifeguards, Jake (22) and James (24) and they came to tell her that the water was warm and the day beautiful. Would she like to go in the ocean? Absolutely! After her dunk, while one of them helped her out of the surf, the other ran to get her towel so she would be warm. What wonderful and generous actions by two wonderful and generous young men!

In other good news, I came across a web-magazine that has me feeling optimistic. Brittany Hugoboom shared her story on #Walkaway, describing the hostile reaction she got from her peers in the modeling business when she interviewed Candace Owens and Tweeted against child porn. She mentioned that she had started an e-magazine, Evie, so I looked it up. I am not the intended reader; that would be women aged 18-34, “…who are tired of having to go to trashy or politically biased publications just to get quality reads on health, beauty, relationships and more.” I was delighted to see articles honoring ideas about women and men that used to be overwhelmingly shared, but that are only found now in religiously oriented publications. I don’t necessarily share all the ideas expressed, but for many women in their late teens, twenties and thirties, these time-tested views are radical.  I love that above the area where you can leave comments, it says, “Keep it classy. Keep it kind.” The fact that young women are producing content like this is uplifting indeed.

Hope you are as inspired as I am by these two stories.

*For seven days after the burial of a close relative, Jewish mourners step back from their usual lives, remaining at home while friends and relatives visit, providing support and consolation.

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There is nothing as special as being the recipient of an act of kindness. I recently had a friend drop by with a bottle of wine and some focaccia bread, for no reason at all; then, a few hours later, a neighbor dropped by with peaches for me, from his tree. I felt so loved and smiled all day.

Susan Lapin says:

Annette, how lovely. I bet, like my Cousin Mae, you are a friendly and cheerful neighbor.

bonnie says:

How uplifting! Really enjoyed the great stories. God bless!

Susan Lapin says:

I knew I wanted to share the story when I heard it, Bonnie.

carmine pescatore says:

Thank you for sharing two good stories.

Susan Lapin says:

It’s so important when it’s too easy to see everything as gloomy, Carmine.

Marilee Holmen says:

Thank you! We need uplifting stories more than ever right now!! I enjoyed reading this!!

Susan Lapin says:

I’m glad it resonated, Marilee.

Michelle G says:

Thanks for sharing these heartwarming stories, Susan.

Susan Lapin says:

You are very welcome, Michelle.

Kristin Grose says:

A point of light in a heretofore dark sky. Thanks for the good news, Susan.

Susan Lapin says:

Stories like these are happening all around us, Kristin. I hope people will send their daughters/granddaughters to the Evie site for another perspective. And, of course, younger readers themselves.

Janice says:

Blessings to you Susan. I loved both stories but especially the random act of kindness toward Mae. Similarly my mother also had an ‘Aunty’ Mae that was in no way related but a wonderful part of our family.

Susan Lapin says:

Janice, the look on Cousin Mae’s face when my mother’s older sister told her that we weren’t actually related was priceless.

Mark Z says:

Susan, I may be the only male responding to this musing (I hope not) but it made my day. Thank you.

Susan Lapin says:

Well, Mark, I know you aren’t the only male reading! Thanks for writing.

Tanya says:

Thank you for sharing, i am uplifted indeed! Im going to check out that magazine because i fall within that age group.

Susan Lapin says:

I’m so glad, Tanya. Please let us know what you think.

Hope R. says:

Sounds like “Auntie” Mae made some excellent decisions to enjoy her life both in health and finances. Great!

Susan Lapin says:

Hope, Mae faced many challenges in her life—and those are the ones of which I am aware. Yet, she always remained a grateful and upbeat person. Without taking anything away from the young men who helped her, I’m sure that they enjoyed being in her company.

Hope R. says:

Mrs. Lapin, This is a very encouraging story. Thank you!

Susan Lapin says:

We can certainly all use encouraging stories these days, Hope. They are out there and we need to seek them out.

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