Rays of Hope

Have you ever bitten your lip while a neighbor’s child shared her adulation of Ruth Bader Ginsberg or Hillary Clinton (or Heaven help us, Kamala Harris), based on one of the many books that she is reading? Have you been unable to find a children’s biography that you are happy to own? Does your child’s school library resemble a Leftist indoctrination center? If so, I have some good news for you.

You may have heard the adage that Republicans think of the next election while Democrats think of the next generation. That foresightedness on their part won them control of academia, media and more. It is important to vote; it is crucial to teach, starting with educating our youngest ones.

Into the existing gap steps a new book series Heroes of Liberty. My husband and I met the company’s spokeswoman at CPAC and she gave us those volumes that are on the market now. The plan is to publish one book a month aimed at readers aged 7 to 12. Reading the books aloud to younger children expands the reach and the detailed and colorful illustrations will capture everyone’s attention.

These books deserve notice, starting with the selection of whom they choose to profile. Of the five books in my possession, two are contemporary figures—Justice Amy Coney Barrett and economist Thomas Sowell; two were active relatively recently—President Ronald Reagan and actor John Wayne; and one is a less well-known founding father—Alexander Hamilton. Each book serves as a springboard into a civics education. What are the three branches of the United States government and how do the Executive and Judicial branches function? How do movies affect our cultural views? Why do economic decisions matter and what ideas underpin communism? Without being preachy, the books promote moral values such as hard work, integrity and the importance of family.

I look forward to getting a reaction to these books from some children I love. For the most part I enjoyed the writing style, and I hope that the commitment to producing new volumes at a fast pace doesn’t lead to releasing books of lesser quality. While this is an obvious gift idea for the children in your life, these books also make a great contribution to a church, school library, or youth group. While we are already being besieged by electioneering for next November, investing in the next generation is what will allow us to truly reclaim our country.

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