Psst! Want to Join a Conspiracy?

I don’t want to be responsible for starting a new conspiracy theory, but have you noticed something strange about the language that newspapers are using when talking about Bernie Sanders’ campaign?  Democrats can certainly be concerned that his decades-long socialist leanings might not be acceptable to many Americans. That is a valid and reasonable point for the press to make.

Yet, I saw two stories and neither phrased the potential problem in those terms. A news article in the Wall Street Journal on Feb. 4, 2020, speaking of Bernie Sanders’ popularity read, “That has triggered concerns among centrist Democrats who worry Mr. Trump would use [my emphasis] Mr. Sanders’ political identity to damage the party’s prospects in Midwestern battleground states…” Similarly, a CNN article I read expressed concern that President Trump would “take advantage” of Bernie Sanders’ socialist leanings to turn voters against him.

Maybe I speak a different language than these erudite, university-educated, elite reporters, but in my book, the words “taking advantage” and “using” have mostly negative connotations. I might “take advantage” of someone who leaves the room to get a drink in order to cheat in a game or I might “use” a false piece of gossip to undermine someone’s job opportunity. However, if someone is clear about his views, let’s say openly advocating for open-marriage, and I share that information with a woman set up on a blind date with him, I’m not doing anything underhanded or nefarious.

Senator Sanders’ willingness to share his views openly allows Americans an opportunity to see what policies he is likely to support. Donald Trump has lived up to his campaign promises in a way that many previous presidents have not. Both these men deserve commendation for honesty and consistency. Too many politicians obfuscate, confuse and outright lie.

A Trump/Sanders showdown would indeed give Americans the chance to vote for men advocating sharply divergent policies. Isn’t that the point of an election? No one would be taking advantage of anyone by pointing out that the election pits capitalism against socialism, providing an opportunity for Americans to make a clear choice.

So why did the Wall Street Journal and CNN both couch what President Trump might say in negative terms?  Conspiracies suggest people making nefarious plans in clandestine cellars. That type of secrecy isn’t necessary when the mainstream press, educational and entertainment industries share biases that infiltrate everything they do. It is our job to remain alert and recognize when we are being manipulated, even if it doesn’t involve sunglasses or spies.


22 thoughts on “Psst! Want to Join a Conspiracy?”

  1. Roberto D ANsaldi

    Right to point Susan like always. Media makes it sound like is Trump’s fault that the guy is a Trotskyist, a fake or seudo Jew and a shark. It is all there, as you mentioned Sanders is not hiding it, he doesn’t need to, the Left thinks that America is ready for them, but that will not happen, we will fight back until the end, we have God in our side, they are Atheists, they are their own Gods.

  2. I also have a little conspiracy theories, in that I figure the reasons media and some of the Democratic party are so against Bernie, is because he is so transparent about his beliefs. My opinion is, the Democrats and media still want to keep those who will listen, in the illusion they are not for socialism, while all the while, little by little (sometimes a lot) they are bringing it in. This verses Sanders who would bring it on full force. The “frog in the pot.”. They are also playing on the facts our indoctrination camps (public education systems) have changed and manipulated Truth and history to our younger generations capitalizing on the dumbing down of our kids, so they have no clue they are in the pot.

    1. Krysty, I agree that they worry that Sanders is too transparent about his allegiances and goals. Didn’t you love how President Trump referred to government schools in his State of the Union rather than calling them public schools?

      1. Yes, hearing Mr. Trump refer to “government schools” makes me wonder if somebody on his team might be listening to RDL podcasts. I think we’ve seen the president’s conservative beliefs on several issues (notably 2nd amendment) firm up quite a bit since his election, probably due to the influence of Bible believers close to him.

        1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

          Yes, Hans,
          That was definitely one of my favorite moments in the SOTU speech. “Failing government schools”. Great! Not quite as good as Government Indoctrination Camps (GIC) but close!
          And first president to address the annual pro life march. God protect him.

  3. Even after the majority of my life emersed in politics I still get caught up in the left’s gaslighting (for just a moment) until I check out the story to find out the real story. My theory is that conservatives are want to believe someone before they become more circumspect. Thanks for another excellent insight, Susan.

  4. On the other hand, for years now I’ve noticed in the media pictures of the politicos being flattering or unflattering. Guess who gets the brunt end of the stick? Yes you guessed it.

  5. First I agree we finally get to see the different ideologies in black and white. Bernie and warren I think will be the top candidates. Nobody is going to beat Trump. Bernie has as good of a shot as anyone. The entire democrat party is Socialist. Is warren down playing her socialism? Something isn’t right. I think it’s because Bernie isn’t deep state or something. Think about who is being attacked Tulsa G. got wacked by Hillary. Trump got wacked by everyone. Bernie got wacked the first go around and now this time. Socialism is the in thing with the dems and they are wacking the grandpa of socialism? Obama is somehow different then Bernie? Maybe they just don’t want Bernie representing the socialist ideology.

  6. Yes indeed, Ms. Susan! The era has long been upon us where the Media can steer public opinion by (1) Omitting news items that do not conform to their agenda; (2) Slanting coverage of news items by ‘semantic engineering’ (as you suggest); or even (3) Spreading fabrications. Even in my extended family circle I am deeply concerned how many so-called ‘millennials’ are starry-eyed about the lofty ideals and progressive policies of Bernie Sanders. Pardon me? Bernie Sanders is a self-avowed communist who worshiped the Soviet Union. The millennials never heard of communism, never heard of the old Soviet Union, never learned about the communists’ brutal seizure of power, never read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn about the labeling of human beings as ‘enemies of the State’ and the horrific abuses of them in the Soviet gulags. Too long have we trusted our schools to reinforce American ideals and the American Way.

    1. Tried to show a guy at work about pol pot. He never heard of him and didn’t care to learn. The guy has a masters degree.

    2. Yes I agree totally . I do not understand why more people are not pulling their children out of all these government brainwashing centers call public schools
      Kids are better off with NO education at all, then they are with leftists propaganda lies. it could someday end all conservative thought

      1. A lot of people mistake “hours sitting in school” with education. Education is available in many ways. One just needs to think outside the box.

      2. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

        You raise an interesting question, Loren,
        Are children better off attending no school than some of the spectacularly failing Government Indoctrination Camps formerly known as public schools. Mrs Lapin and I feel yes. At the very least you’re not subjecting them to the damage such disastrous institutions inflict upon them. At best, they’ll educate themselves. Then there is the entire broad spectrum of home schooling in all its varieties.

  7. I shall gladly join a Conspiracy of Light against the dark forces of the Ivory Tower Twaddle-Speakers, their stooges in the press and the Demented National Circus! Oops, I already have. Fight on! -Gordy

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