Thought Tools Volume 1: Fifty Timeless Truths to Uplift and Inspire


Softcover book

  • Reprogram the software of your soul
  • Increase your sensitivity to God’s message for humanity
  • Grow closer to your spouse and children
  • Nurture your faith, family and fortune
  • Provide you with a year’s worth of significant conversation

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Have you been reading Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s weekly Thought Tools?  Or are you new to this system of regular spiritual injections?

Either way, you’ll love these fifty insights which reveal secrets of ancient Jewish wisdom providing practical advice in the area of family, friendship, finances and faith.10 minutes a week spent with Thought Tools will…

Whether you savor them privately or share them with others, you will be glad you joined the thousands of Rabbi Daniel Lapin fans who have discovered how these powerful messages enhance their lives.
Thought Tools makes the perfect gift for family and friends.  Just imagine, at this low price you can provide a year filled with growth and meaning for all your loved ones
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