Thou Shall Prosper: The Ten Commandments for Making Money (2nd Edition)

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This is not a “get rich quick” book or a “pray your way to riches” plan. This book provides 10 principles from ancient Jewish wisdom that will change who you are and your relationship to money. These ideas have improved the bottom line for thousands of readers and they can improve yours in the same way.

“This is one of my all-time favorite money books.” ~ Dave Ramsey

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In Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money (2nd edition), Rabbi Daniel Lapin offers a practical approach to creating wealth based on established principles of ancient Jewish wisdom. A renowned business consultant and Biblical scholar, Rabbi Daniel Lapin uncovers a mother lode of motivational inspiration and practical guidance that will increase your potential for creating wealth, no matter what your faith or background may be. No wonder Dave Ramsey cites this as one of his top 10 business books of all time.

The book details ten permanent principles that never change, the ten commandments of making money if you will, and explores the economic and philosophic vision of business that has been part of Jewish culture for centuries. By blending contemporary business stories and his own business experiences with the wisdom of the Torah, Talmud, and examples from the Zohar, (the Jewish book of Kabalah or mysticism), Rabbi Daniel Lapin explains the essence of each commandment and shows you how to use this knowledge to prosper financially.

This book guides you to understand such timeless truths as “Being in business for yourself”, avoiding the trap of ‘wage-slavery’, learning to become a leader, changing with the times, and particularly this: Everyone (and that includes you) is in business unless you happen to be a tenured university professor or a Supreme Court judge.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin suggests engaging and accessible action steps that will start you off on the path to prosperity.

1st Commandment: Believe in the Dignity and Morality of Business

2nd Commandment: Extend the Network of your Connectedness to Many People

3rd Commandment: Get to Know Yourself

4th Commandment: Do Not Pursue Perfection

5th Commandment: Lead Consistently and Constantly

6th Commandment: Constantly Change the Changeable, While Steadfastly Clinging to the Unchangeable

7th Commandment: Learn to Foretell the Future

8Th Commandment: Know Your Money

9th Commandment: Act Rich: Give Away 10% of Your After-Tax Income

10th Commandment: Never Retire

(Dave Ramsey speaking about Thou Shall Prosper and the principle of generosity at one of his live events in 2021.)



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41 reviews for Thou Shall Prosper: The Ten Commandments for Making Money (2nd Edition)

  1. Terry (verified owner)

    Excellent service with my order! I look forward to reading this book!

  2. Will Adams (verified owner)

    Faith Building. Essential for the breadwinner of the house.

  3. Robert Schinagl (verified owner)

    Prosperity is a requirement God has placed upon us so we can tithe an share to others with our charity. I needed this. Thank you.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    for my grandson

  5. Kadesha Marshall (verified owner)

    I am currently enjoying this gem. I am learning so much as my eyes are being open to how the world rrrrrrrrrrrreally works!

  6. Charles V

    Your book was the kick in the pants I needed since I tend to be lazy and cynical. I am re-reading it now and probably need to every month. Thanks a million-literally. Your book is worth a million dollars to anyone who takes it to heart.

  7. Marco Diaz

    Thou Shall Prosper is the best book I’ve EVER read. It should be a mandatory reading in every business school. I can’t express how much your book and audio recordings have improved my life. Bless you. For lack of a better word – Thank You

  8. Silas

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  10. tammy moalosi

    Rabbi lapin is marvelous, simply by listening to an interview between benny Hinn & the rabbi changed my perspective on life and business The way he uses an illustration about Manoah, Samson’s dad just blew my mind. I started earning money within an hour of listening to that interview- I cant wait having that book and others by the Rabbi in my hands

  11. George S

    I concur with all the preceding reviews. However would like to point out an error in the “spiritual/physical motivators” matrix on page 106. The second row tag should read “my physical needs”, not “my spiritual needs”. This becomes apparent from the context of the following pages and – explicitly – in the penultimate paragraph of page 115. A truly fineand eye-opening book.

  12. Jeremy C.

    Thank you for changing my life. Thank you for opening my eyes to seeing the many blessings that God has granted me and my family. The joy I experience in life now was nonexistent prior to my exposure to the Bible, and your work has vastly improved my understanding of God’s intentions and purpose for us as people. In particular, you helped me to understand that it’s not about me so much, as it is about what I can do for others; the power of community, and how that impacts one’s ability to prosper.

    While many other people have contributed to my transition from an egocentric perspective on life and the world, to an attitude of gratefulness and service to others, your work has been paramount in giving me hope for my future as well as my family’s future.

    Thou Shall Prosper has become an indispensable resource in my life. Your efforts and work are greatly appreciated.

  13. Tom B.

    I have read Rabbi Lapin’s book Thou Shall Prosper twice now and I’m sure I will be reading it again in the future. In the glut of personal finance, get-rich, get-out-of-debt, instant-millionaire books, Thou Shall Prosper rises above and provides an incredibly deep and well-rounded discussion on how to improve your finances and your life. One prominent concept that Rabbi Lapin discusses is that we were all created to connect. It is not an overstatement to say this has changed the way I think about money and business as well as my personal relationships.

  14. Cathy P

    With a sigh of deep relief I am writing to THANK YOU. I have listened to your book, “Thou SHALL Prosper” on my self-constructed retreat. I will sort out the implications of my new understanding. I am grateful for them, my spirit recognized new truths in your teaching. I am grateful.

  15. Dr Steve H.

    I want you to know that a friend recently recommended your book Thou Shall Prosper. Amazing. Eye-opening. I’m a student of wealth creation and it’s a book I will re-read yearly.

  16. joe




  18. Marina P.

    When Dave Ramsey had you on his radio show I listened to him describe your book, Thou Shall Prosper. I bought it from and began reading the next day – I am enjoying it and feel a delightful uplift from nearly every page. I feel that I cannot thank you enough for this helpful, engaging and superbly written book.

  19. Reviewer/Ezel-Reviewed on 9/05/12

    During my time at work and working for employer, a thought came to my mind to start my own business. I pray about this and inquire of the Lord for an anwser. Listening to my radio, I happen to turn the channel and heard Rabbi Lapin and Dave Ramsey speak about a book call Thou Shall prosper and I knew right then that this was the anwser to my pray. I will purchase this book ASAP.

  20. Odudu A.

    I just want to thank you for writing this book, if I had this book 15 years ago, my life would have been different. I went thru a lot of trouble to get your book since its not sold in Nigeria. Thank you. I just wish I could get all your materials but this book; just awesome.

  21. Skip H.

    I am first very thankful to Dave Ramsey who gave me your book “Thou Shall Prosper”. You have opened my eyes. There is not one page where I did not underline a thought of huge proportion and I think that your book is must read for anyone who has an ounce of a brain to become more than they thought possible. I will never retire!

    God bless you.

  22. Erika S.

    For over 20 years I have heard so many interpretations within the Christian circles, in particular with charismatic mega churches about finances. I was frustrated and angry because it seemed like a gimmick for only a few to accumulate wealth. After diligent search of the scriptures I felt that I still had a limited view about G-d and money. I did not bother to raise this issue in bible study because I felt like I would not receive a scriptural answer demonstrating an independent thought.

    After watching the videos on this website I thought well Jesus is my Rabbi but maybe it would not hurt to read the book. My eyes are enlightened. Truth brings freedom and lies brings bondage. Thank you Rabbi Lapin for sharing with us all ancient Jewish wisdom!

  23. alfred saif

    I only read the t commandments of thou shall prosper. I think 9 and 10 commandments are very important to prosper.

  24. Ernie Ayon, Jr.

    I recently read your book “Thou Shall Prosper” during one of my breaks in school and I want to say that this book has completely changed by view on life and business. I’m currently working on my MBA and after reading your book, I was shocked to see how little these views are taught in business school. I’ve read countless books on business, finance, and financial success and I must say that this one is at the top of the list. I’ve since read through it again and have committed myself to mastering these principals. Additionally, I have begun sharing these ideas with those around me and will continue to do so.

    Thank you for putting together such a comprehensive and insightful manuscript. I also thank your friend Dave Ramsey for introducing me to this book.

  25. Herman L. Jimerson

    This is a wonderful book, and a revelation to Christians, minorities, and small business people. Let me explain. For years there’s always been this mystique that the success of particularly the Jewish people was hidden in their DNA. Rabbi Lapin reveals in this great work that it is us following the traditions and commandments of the Bible that guides people to success. Our Jewish brethren for centuries have abided by that tradition and thus prospered. Isn’t a wonder a population less than ten percent of the worlds population is disproportionally represented in terms of wealth. It’s no secret any longer, the followers of God’s laws shall prosper. God’s prosperity is for everyone, Jews, Christians and of course small business people alike. Follow Rabbi Lapin literary masterpiece and understand how to follow God in our everyday life. Then we all shall prosper. Thank you Rabbi Lapin.

  26. David Wells. Colombia.

    First, congratulations on his writings Thought Tools and books like Thou Shall Prosper, and Audio CD’s. Everyone are words of wisdom and inspiration for the spirit, the family and as you yourself said, the financial world.

    I did know to the Rabbi Lapin sinces one half year, and believe me that your charisma is contagious. Rabbi the world needs minimum 100 Rabbis like you.

    Thanks for stay on my days beyond your thinks tanks.

  27. Isaac

    I’ve just finished reading Thou Shall Prosper on my Kindle.

    I did not read in the recent years a book that included so many fundamental truths and so many clear explanations to fundamental issues in life, as this book does.

    As I progressed reading this book, I realized that I quote from it in my conversations in business and personal life many times daily. This caught me in surprise; I read a lot, and had never quoted anyone so many times…

    I got to know this book via Dave Ramsey; someone asked him on Twitter what’s his latest Jewish book he read, and he replied “Thou Shall Prosper from Rabbi Lapin”.

    The most significant point I discovered from reading this book, is one of the main points in the Never Retire chapter. The author explain there that runners keep on running the fastest they can until they actually pass the finish line, and only then they start slowing down. This is one of the author’s explanations why if one holds in mind a retiring date, he’ll start slowing down several years before that date. I was always wondering why I reach my goals only up to about 70-80% of them, but almost never 100% of them. When I’ve read the aforementioned explanation it blew my mind. This was actually my problem.. I was so close to my goal that I started slowing down; this was the common denominator of all my almost-reached goals during the last several years. Now I know what I have to do: Run full force until the finish line is crossed, then think about slowing down. Common sense and simple, but widely ignored.

    This book is a must-read. Sounds banal, but check my history; I never wrote this on any other book [I don’t write reviews usually].

  28. Julian

    Rabbi Lapin, I wanted to write and thank you for the enormous teachings that I am extracting from your book Thou Shall Prosper. I first heard of you from Bill Orender in Dallas Texas. In listening to one of his audio CD’s from Primerica he mentioned your material and I was turned on. Reading your book is expanding my mind at an incredible pace with regards to business and prosperity. Thank you!

  29. Louise

    yum yum i will read it but i have to first get the funds first , thats how lacking of monies i am right now…..looking forward to reading the book..and finally prospering !!!!!! loves ya for writin this!!!!!

  30. Jim D

    Love the book. It was purchased by me in my nondenominational Christian bookstore. Wonder-full.

  31. Willie

    I just wanted to thank you on your book, so far I’m only on the second chapter, and you have made me aware that I need to let people know i’m in business and not be ashamed of it. Thank you!!! I can’t wait to finish the book and let people know of it.

  32. Chris Truong

    I have three young boys. I will consider a failure on my part as a parent if by the time my three boys turn 18 that I have not taught these principles Rabbi have shared in this book to them. This book has open my eyes to such profound Biblical principles. Thank you Rabbi Lapin.

  33. Michelle B.

    I once heard a Christian minister make the statment that there is an “art” to living. I believe that the Ancient Jewish Wisdom that Rabbi Lappin presents in his book (as well as all of his teachings) shows that very thing. Really, if we find out what the manufacturers guide is, why wouldn’t our life run like a fine tuned watch? I have made Rabbi Lappin, my Rabbi.

  34. Chris Hammond

    I just wanted to say thanks very much for writing the book. What a difference it has made to my life, I am beginning to see things very differently.

    Many Thanks

  35. Anonymous

    Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewed On: January 13, 2010

    I begin using and living by the the principles of this wonderful book, Thou Shall Prosper” after first reading it in May 2008. That year, our business was struggling to survive. The debt load was high and the cash flow was low. Nothing immediately astounding happened, but we continued to keep faith and focused on the 10 commandments as outlined in the book. 2008 our gross revenues were down by hundreds of thousands of dollars but we could see the change happening. In 2009, our revenues m

  36. Ricardo McLin

    Rabbi Daniel Lappin-

    This was an awesome book! It has incredible knowledge and wisdom on finacial, business, and other matters in life. Thank you for sharing principles from the Jewish culture. I thank the Lord God for you.

  37. Morgan Thompson

    Thanks for writing this awesome book. It has totally changed the way I view some things in my life for the better. I cannot say enough and will be passing this book along to my friends!

  38. Kenneth Yu

    Hi Rabbi. Your book “Thou Shall Prosper” has changed my life. You integrate faith and work in a potent and delightful way.

  39. R.M.

    I have failed in business before, and it certainly has to do with the fact that I did not see it as a noble thing to do at the time. Now however, my father and I are in business together running a security company and having this book now as a kind of manual is just wonderful.

    Thank you for putting your knowledge and observation in words and making the experience of the Jewish people accessible to me in this way.

  40. Steve Fary San Diego, CA

    As a practicing Christian, Rabbi Lapin’s book more fully grafted me into the vine of Judaism. It lays out the pardigm, the perspective, the vantage point of a successful Jewish business person. It is undeniable that the Jewish People have business accumen. Here, for the first time, it i available for the rest of us. Bless you.

  41. David

    My pastor mentioned Thou Shall Prosper during a sermon. I read the book and it changed my life. God was speaking to me (loudly I might add) and this book was the kick in the pants I needed to make a significant life changing move.

    I left my hourly wage job and created a financial consulting company. After several years of successes in this position I was offered an opportunity to use this skills as the director of a religious publishing company. This position has taken me around the country and introduced me to some of the most amazing people I could ever imagine meeting.

    Where I am today would not have taken place apart from God smacking me upside the head through Rabbi Lapin’s book. Three cheers for Rabbi Lapin and this book!!!!

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