SOLD OUT -The Genesis Journeys Set – 4 best-selling programs in 1 package

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Includes all audio teachings and study guides – 8 CDs in all – from the Genesis Journeys Series!
Take advantage of this opportunity to SAVE by purchasing all 4 teachings from Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s Genesis Journeys series at one time.

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Includes all 4 Genesis Journeys audio teachings – 8 CDs in all:
  1. Madam, I’m Adam
  2. Clash of Destiny
  3. Tower of Power
  4. The Gathering Storm

You will learn:

  • Why are there two different tales of Creation at the beginning of Genesis?
  • What led to the Flood – and to Noah’s family being saved?
  • Who was Abraham’s arch-enemy and is he the father of socialism?
  • Who was Ishmael and are today’s Moslems really his heirs?
  • If Adam and Eve gave marriage advice, what would they say?
Answer these questions and so many more with the Genesis Journeys Set. You will listen again and again and want to share these with family and friends.
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10 reviews for SOLD OUT -The Genesis Journeys Set – 4 best-selling programs in 1 package

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

  2. David M. (verified owner)

  3. Wendy (verified owner)

    50 years a Christian, yet the Genesis Journey set monumentally increased my understanding of God and of “How the world reeeeally works!”

  4. Pete Brockney

    If your answer to the question: “Do you believe that God spoke to Moses on Mt. Sinai?” is an immediate and enthusiastic “Yes!”, that is to say, if you believe that the Bible is God’s message to mankind, then you absolutely HAVE to listen to all four messages in Rabbi Lapin’s Genesis Journeys set. All the messages lend insight into the Lord’s language (Hebrew) in a manner whereby only a rabbi is uniquely equipped. Once you’ve listened to the Genesis Journeys set (as I have enjoyed doing many times), you too will agree that EVERYBODY needs a rabbi!

  5. Sylvia Dallas

    I have read Business Secrets, Thou Shall Prosper, Thought Tools, Buried Treasure (still reading that one because I realise I cannot read it without a notebook and pencil), I purchased this set, and The Biblical Blueprint Set. (I don’t know, think I am becoming a fan?) The Rabbi has awakened a hunger in me to learn more. I only have one question, when are you doing a new set Rabbi? I would really love a teaching on the various blessings/curses in the Bible (Noah, Jacob) which you alluded to in Thou Shall Prosper. BRING IT ON!!! 😀

  6. Patrick Fotang

    How can I get them and the Hebrew and Jewish Holy Bible .rnPlease to know if there is a difference in those two request

  7. Jeff Lutz

    Did you ever think when reading the Bible that the ancient Hebrews must have had some questions and there most have been countless discussions to clarify what was written. Well Rabbi Lapin’s series answers that with a resounding “Yes” and his CDs provide us with some of that ancient Jewish wisdom along with the beauty of the Hebrew language and information that is lost in the translations. As Christians, we have had many moments of “Hey, why didn’t somebody tell me that before. That was critical, need to know information!” while listening to these CDs. If you love God and love learning about his design for us, then I think you will really enjoy this set.

  8. Linda Cooper

    I wanted to thank you for recording Genesis Journeys and Biblical Blueprint. You are right, we all need a Rabbi, and I am thankful God sent me to you. I’ve learned so much in the past months, all thanks to you. As you say, the are no coincidences, I do believe I was guided to you. I’ve had more “ah ha” monents, listening to you.

    Thank you

  9. Doug Faulkner

    Jaw dropping! I’ve read the Bible over and over never really getting the stories. Lapin brings it home in a big way. I’m a Christian and I hope he keeps on releasing more and more.

    I just downloaded “The Biblical Blueprint” set and it appears to be just a good. The entire family is really enjoying and learning from America’s Rabbi.

  10. Kirsten Meissner

    Thank you, this great book has never been so alive for me.

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