How To Lead Your Own Passover Seder – Volumes 1, 2 & 3


Includes all 3 audio teachings from the How To Lead Your Own Passover Seder Series!

BONUS: Included with your audio downloads is a 31-page Passover Haggadah which guides participants through the ritual-rich Seder meal, indicating when and how each action is performed, and a 1-page list of materials needed for the Seder table.

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For thousands of years, the Passover Seder has been a highlight of the Jewish year. These three volumes detail the meaning behind each action of the Passover Seder, that is so much more than a festival meal.  After listening to these practical and inspiring audio teachings by Rabbi Daniel Lapin, along with the 31-page Passover Haggadah PDF, you will be prepared to lead your own Seder and guide your family and guests through the wonderful Seder experience.  Available as instant downloads only.

How To Lead Your Own Passover Seder – Volume 1

How to walk your Seder participants through an exciting journey. How the Seder serves as an annual inoculation against stagnation in our relationship with God, family, society, and money. What are the famous fifteen steps?  Can we undo the mistakes of Adam and Noah? Why are both wine and bread sacramental to many faiths? Can the rules, regulations, and restraints of religion actually lead to real freedom? Why does God so frequently introduce Himself as having taken Israel out of Egypt rather than as Creator of heaven and earth? What are the Seder secrets for change and growth?

How To Lead Your Own Passover Seder – Volume 2

The Seder starts us on the journey from dark to light, from poverty to prosperity, from turbulence to tranquility.  This is the only festival for which a talking mouth is absolutely necessary.  Why should you wash your hands when they are already clean? What does “unclean” in the Bible really mean?  The true meaning of water. What does being struck by lightning have to do with Passover?  The famous four questions are not really four at all.   The famous four sons give a little to each of us.  How taxation leads to slavery in pre-Exodus Egypt just as it does in modern western countries today. Plague arithmetic. Ten plagues and ten commandments.

How To Lead Your Own Passover Seder – Volume 3

Fidel Castro is hero of Cuba’s history books and Abraham Lincoln is hero of abolition of slavery in America, so why is Moses not mentioned during the Passover Seder? Why Abraham actually celebrated Passover hundreds of years before Israel went into Egypt let alone came out in the Exodus. How the deeper meaning of a hand helps explain one of the Seder’s most popular songs. Egypt is not only where Israelites were enslaved 3,000 years ago, it is also the place of our own enslavement to wrong thinking, mistaken ideas, and restrictions obstructing our path to our own destiny. Seder is as much about us escaping our Egypt as it is about the Hebrews escaping theirs. Reigniting the romance of a marriage. The 3 words that every Seder participant must articulate and why. Using Seder strategy to modify today so that tomorrow does not resemble yesterday.


  1. Jennifer L.

    Thank you for the materials and instructions on how to lead Seder dinner. My husband and I enjoyed the evening. As I prepared the table and meal I was overcome with emotion. I realized that I was really looking forward to this new experience. I’ve been at home for a month and I haven’t experienced many new things. Seder brought me closer to God, it challenged my mind and gave me a reason to dress up my dinner table. Thank you to you and Susan for all that you do.

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