Perils of Profanity: You Are What You Speak

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  • How vulgar speech damages your chances for success in both business and personal relationships
  • Why Joseph recounted his dreams to his brothers, knowing that they would be angered
  • What damage to the soul comes from using or hearing profanity
  • Why everyone, even those who don’t curse, should be concerned about the prevalence of foul language in our culture
Rabbi Daniel Lapin has tackled a wide variety of topics on his podcast which have provoked huge audience reactions. But the response to his show on the three reasons why cursing damages people, on both a very practical as well as a deep spiritual level, triggered an unprecedented reaction. That led to the creation of this life-changing audio teaching.
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This unique blend of Bible lessons and no-nonsense teaching explains how vulgar language hurts in the here and now, diminishing opportunities for economic and romantic triumph while also injuring a person’s innermost soul.
If you ever find yourself appalled by the language of a movie or TV show, if you or your children, nieces and nephews casually use words that would have earned a mouthful of soap a generation ago, and if you want to understand the potent power of speech, this audio teaching is for you. It will arm you with effective arguments and tools with which to battle the overwhelming presence of vulgarity in today’s society.
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12 reviews for Perils of Profanity: You Are What You Speak

  1. Christina V. (verified owner)

  2. John Patterson (verified owner)


    Listening to this program has been life changing for me. I’ve prayed, begged, attempted, failed again and again to stop cursing but to no avail. Now I’m able to curb my desire to curse and I know after a good amount of time my thoughts will change too. Thank you Rabbi.

  4. Jeffrey Harrison

    I bought this CD program this evening and downloaded it thinking I’d listen to part of it and then hear the rest over the next couple days. WRONG. So much for sleep. 🙂 Rabbi Lapin just floors me every time I hear him speak. This program is no different and gives me new reasoning for why I need to do a lot better watching what comes out of my mouth. Thank you for creating this.

  5. Linda Cooper

    I love this CD, it opened my eyes in so many ways. Thank you Rabbi Lapin.

  6. Tom Brackett

    I was raised by and around people who always cussed, I never realized the huge affect this had on my life. This recording has literally changed my life.

  7. Lynne

    How I wish I’d known of it years ago. My teenage son has already listened to it an we’ve really cleaned up our language thanks be to God.

  8. Brenda Hoffman

    As I became a Christian a couple years ago, I began to intuitively know that profane language was not a good thing, and I eliminated those words as much as I could manage to after a lifelong habit. Rabbi Lapin not only confirmed for me that this type of language is unpleasant and even harmful, but he gave me an incentive to no longer tolerate the habit at all, while providing the tools to do so… a new way of understanding what profanity is and how it affects everyone involved, and a method for eliminating it from my speech for the occasions when something accidentily/automatically slips out. Not only that, but Rabbi Lapin helps us to understand the connection between our speech and whether our relationships succeed or fail. It doesn’t matter whether we are dealing with personal or business relationships. The words we choose are critical to our relationships, and therefore critical to whether we live an excellent life or a pitiful one (these are my words). For me, this explains why I notice that in the worst, most combative relationships there is much profanity being tossed around. And in general, the people I hear using the most profanity generally tend to also behave quite immaturely and seem to have the most difficulty in communicating with others, trouble with both speaking and listening. Coincidence? Of course not. :>) In my own life I have observed positive changes in my own relationships after eliminating much profanity. Life is just better all the way around. However, even if you already agree with this principal, I highly recommend listening to this audio because it helps us to understand the reasons why profanity has such a negative effect. This knowledge serves to strengthen our character, which in turn increases our confidence as we go through our endeavors in life and relate to others frequently along the way. What a blessing!

  9. Duane Williams

    This is a valuable resource for all ages. What a great teaching this would have been for me as a young man. I will be going through this with my children. Well done as always.

  10. June George

    In this teaching, Rabbi Lapin drives home the point of how devastating foul language is to not only ourselves, but to those around us. It was eye-opening to learn that vulgar language doesn’t just pollute the ears of the hears, but it pollutes the very soul of the one speaking it. Cursing can cause unwanted reactions from our superiors, as well. Rabbi Lapin explains that God created us to speak blessings and never intended for our tongues to utter filth.

  11. Jackie A. Rogers

    This teaching has been a great blessing for me and the spiritual education of my family. In the heat of anger, people are proned to do what they have observed of their parents. It is our desire to impact each successive generation. This is truly breathed life for all families.

    This teaching gives sound Biblical application on the road for change. My family and church thanks you.

  12. Ann Ashton

    This is a really great CD. It is invaluable for those with children–get them before their speech is vulgarized. However, even for those with vulgarity already on their lips, this is one that will give them encouragement to ask God’s help in the right direction. We always do well to rise to the higher level.

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