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Is there a way to dramatically reduce heartache in dating? Can behavior before marriage make success in marriage more likely? What marriage secrets are hidden in the first two chapters of Genesis? Doesn’t a good marriage top the list of things that you wish for yourself, your children or your loved ones?

We’ve combined our most popular teachings on dating, relationships and marriage for this new Lasting Love Set; you will save over 25% by picking up these products as a set!

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The Lasting Love Set Includes:

Hands Off! This May Be Love: God’s Gift for Establishing Enduring Relationships
Paperback book by Jerusalem-based teacher Gila Manolson

This enjoyable book, full of anecdotes, provides surprising and thought-provoking ideas and also offers encouragement for doing what is both right and effective rather than what is popular. She addresses:

  • Is there a way to dramatically reduce heartache?
  • Can behavior before marriage make success in marriage more likely?
  • Are we shortchanging ourselves by settling for today’s culture?

I Only Want to Get Married Once: Dating Secrets for Getting It Right the First Time
Paperback book written by Jerusalem therapist Chana Levitan

For 25 years, Chana Levitan has been educating, mentoring, and enlightening people about how to find real potential in their relationships. Her classes on the topic are standing-room only. With this book, she is finally sharing her knowledge with a bigger audience. You’ll find a smart, clear relationship guide with 10 essential questions that need to be asked before and during the dating process in order to spot long-term potential. Filled with real-life anecdotes and insightful dating advice, these chapters will help you better understand yourself and what you really need to succeed in building a loving marriage.

Madam I’m Adam: Decoding the Marriage Secrets of Eden
Two Audio CD Set plus a 16-page study guide by Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Exploring the world’s very first marriage in the Garden of Eden, Rabbi Daniel Lapin shares marriage advice from the Creator Himself.  You’ll be amazed at how many “modern” issues jump off the pages of the Bible like:

  • Why understanding the Hebrew words for man and woman can improve your marriage
  • Why are there two accounts of Creation in Chapters One and Two of Genesis?
  • Can “being in the mood” destroy your marriage?
  • What is the difference between a physically mature male and a Man?
  • Who is more responsible when a couple divorces – the husband or the wife?
  • What mistake do women frequently make after the children arrive
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2 reviews for Lasting Love Set

  1. Robert W. (verified owner)

    Love your material. Giving the material to my granddaughters.

  2. Jonathan (verified owner)

    I really enjoy your Materials and podcasts. I always look forward to the next installment.

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