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For years you’ve been asking us to recommend a Bible and here it is!  Rabbi Daniel Lapin recommends this Bible and uses it himself in both daily study and in teaching because:

  • The Hebrew text retains exactly the same two types of paragraph breaks found in an authentic Torah scroll.
  • The English translation is as good as can be found.
  • The accurate Hebrew names are given in precise transliteration e.g.  Moshe not Moses, Yaakov not Jacob, Yona not Jonah.
  • The hidden ‘kri/ktiv clues that Rabbi Daniel Lapin explains are presented in the clearest way possible.
  • The 54 sedras in Torah each marked.
  • The typography is beautiful as befits a family heirloom Bible.
  • Includes a special dedication page from Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin.
  • This standard sized edition (the largest edition) utilizes large type size
  • Features color maps and a thumb index –that makes finding your way quick and easy.
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There are many reasons why we especially like this edition. One feature making this Bible so special is its unique appearance.

Torah scrolls are hand-written on parchment by a trained and skilled artisan. Each scroll, whether large or small, written this year or hundreds of years ago, follows the same layout. Among other unchangeable rules, certain letters are written larger or smaller than normal, and there is a deliberate spacing between specific bodies of text and/or words. This Bible, in addition to having beautiful Hebrew and English typefaces, replicates the writing and paragraph structure found in every authentic Torah scroll. Much of our ancient Jewish wisdom teaching reveals insights that spring from these important features.

Hebrew is the Lord’s language. Even its very sound resonates in the soul of every serious Scripture student. So we especially commend the English translation for using the original Hebrew pronunciation for names, for instance, Ya’aqov, not Jacob; Yosef, not Joseph; and Yona rather than Jonah. Every Biblical name has a meaning and correctly pronouncing these names makes them easier to comprehend.

The timeless truths first disclosed to the world in the Bible contributed to what we call civilization. Monogamous marriage, stable currency and capital accumulation, as well as a justice system are among the Biblical innovations that made it possible for people to live together in peace and prosperity. Knowing the Bible’s power to reshape individual’s lives and re-sculpt entire communities, we have dedicated our lives to teaching Scripture through the incandescently brilliant lens of ancient Jewish wisdom. This particular Bible serves as our most popular roadmap and sharing it with you allows us to provide page numbers and easy word identification.


Tanakh  תנ”ך

Torah  תורה
Genesis  בראשית
Exodus  שמות
Leviticus  ויקרא
Numbers  במדבר
Deuteronomy  דברים

Prophets  נביאים
Joshua  יהושע
Judges  שופטים
I Samuel  שמואל א
II Samuel  שמואל ב
I Kings  מלכים א
II Kings  מלכים ב
Isaiah  ישעיהו
Jeremiah  ירמיהו
Ezekiel  יחזקאל
Hosea  הושע
Joel  יואל
Amos  עמוס
Obadiah  עובדיה
Jonah  יונה
Micah  מיכה
Nahum  נחום
Habakkuk  חבקוק
Zephaniah  צפניה
Haggai  חגי
Zechariah  זכריה
Malachi  מלאכי

Writings  כתובים
Psalms  תהילים
Proverbs  משלי
Job  איוב
Song of Songs  שיר השירים
Ruth  רות
Lamentations  איכה
Ecclesiastes  קהלת
Esther  אסתר
Daniel  דניאל
Ezra  עזרא
Nehemiah  נחמיה
I Chronicles  דברי הימים א
II Chronicles  דִּבְרֵי הַיָּמִים ב

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23 reviews for Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s Recommended Hebrew/English Bible

  1. Theress Koller (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this Bible looking forward to learning Hebrew, such a treasure trove of information.

  2. Norene

    Do you ship to Canada?

    • Ellen Garcia (store manager)

      Hi Norene,
      Yes, we do ship to Canada. Once you add your desired item to the cart, open the cart and select Canada as your country/region for shipping then continue to fill in your address. If you have any questions please let us know.
      Blessings ~RDL Admin Team

  3. Greg B. (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with the quality of the Bible. I find myself using it frequently; it’s great to have an accurate interpretation of the original Hebrew Scriptures. Thank you Rabbi Lapin for recommending this Bible!

  4. James (verified owner)

    As before when I bought my first copy a few years ago (I wanted to own two since it is such an important book.) The subtle yellow tinge to the high quality paper brings pleasure and beauty to this book. It is easy on the eyes. Other Koren Tanakh’s that I purchased in prior years lacks this. It shipped quick due to 3 day delivery. I had to be at home to sign for it but being unemployed once again, I was on hand. Your audience may not be receptive, but you could sell your favorite Talmud and Mishnah etc. these “deeper dives”, I found at Artscroll.

  5. Danna J. (verified owner)

    I love the Bible. It may take some getting used to but I lo9k forward to the journey.

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    everything is good, like the bible very much

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This was a gift purchase. I had previously purchased a copy for myself. I purchased this for an evangelical friend of mine who had many misconceptions about Judaism. She is training to become a Christian psychologist. This volume is really helping to educate her on the Old Testament. She loves this gift and it is having the result I had hoped for when I gave it to her. So I recommend it heartily. As for myself, it is part of my personal study, as a Puritan, to follow in my many times great grandfather’s footsteps in learning Hebrew. I also am using it as an aide as I study with Rabbi & Susan’s books, TV shows and podcasts. I highly recommend this for any of these purposes.

  8. Jeffrey Bonner (verified owner)

    The Bible arrived and we are delighted! I’ve already started reading it and sharing the Hebrew names as I am teaching about Jeremiah this month. This, along with the other resources from Rabbi Lapin which contain the Hebrew alphabet are getting me off to a great beginning.
    Thank you so very much!

  9. collins a. (verified owner)

    Promptly delivered

  10. Godfred Adjei (verified owner)

    This Bible is nicely designed and put together. Also, the English translation is very easy to read and understand. It’s a great resource for my library. I love it! And I actually got delivery earlier than I anticipated. Thank you, Rabbi Lapin.

  11. Pedro L. (verified owner)

    Thank You Rabbi for this great version of the Bible , the must valuable book .

  12. Isireli Vuniloaloa

    Is this Bible written in English or Hebrew?
    I would love to buy it if it’s got English translations of the Hebrew text.

    • Ellen Garcia (store manager)

      Yes, the Bible does offer an English translation of the Hebrew text. The Hebrew text is shown on one side of the page and the English translation on the other.

  13. Seyi K. (verified owner)

    I am used to names in the regular English bibles, still trying to wrap my head around the proper Jewish names. But I have always wanted the Torah and RDL is like an answer to my prayers. I also have business secrets from the bible I bought sometime last year which I really loved.
    Finally, I will like to see RDL in person if it is possible.


  14. virginia (verified owner)

    I am enjoying everything and embracing your messages. Thank you.

  15. Tommy Herring (verified owner)

    It’s was shipped expediently and is new condition. My wife love it!

  16. Verified Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    “So Beautiful
    Oh my
    So wonderfully laid out and exceptionally well made.
    So beautiful, I ordered 1 more for a Gift😇”

  17. Verified Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    This is a great edition to bring to Torah Study!

  18. Verified Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Had a smaller print version but needed a larger print. Love the original spelling of Moshe not Moses and Yosef and not Joseph, etc etc

  19. Verified Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Fantastic Bible, High Quality, Recommended
    Very pleased with this product! The Koren Tanakh made of great quality paper and materials. I recommend this Tanakh to anyone who is interested in or studying the Hebrew Scriptures. This edition did come with a printing error at the end of Jonah and beginning Micah. The two pages were folded together and sewed into the binding to where it is unreadable. So that’s a bummer but seems to be just a printing issue. Other than that this product was perfect. Is my primary Bible for study of the Hebrew Text. Thank you!

  20. Paul

    I am a new follower of The Rabbi Daniel Lapin Podcast. As a Christian I have always thought in Christain circles so much emphasis was put on the New Testament and I have always felt the old testament was kinda pushed back a little. I would like to purchase this particular book but I also realize I do not speak or read or understand the Jewish language so I am not sure if this is the book for me. Although I desire a deeper understanding of the old testament.

    • Susan Lapin (store manager)

      Paul, many of our resources, including the Scrolling through Scripture video courses, our book Buried Treasure, and our Genesis Journeys audio series introduce and teach about the Hebrew language. So many of our students wanted a Hebrew Bible as they became more knowledgeable, that we searched and found one that we enjoy.
      You might want to hold off on the Bible until you are ready for it to serve you.

  21. Randy

    What English translation does this Hebrew/English Bible use? Thank you.

    • Susan Lapin (store manager)

      It is the Koren Bible translation.

  22. Judi

    Can you please tell me what kind of binding this has? Is it Smyth-sewn? Is it leather-bound?

    Thank you.

    • Crystol Garrison (store manager)

      Hi Judi, the Bible is a hardcover and I think is Smyth-swen binding.

  23. Oun Kwon

    How about publishing in digital edition? Why don’t you put some sample pages on your website or on youtube. Thank you.

    • Susan Lapin (store manager)

      Hi Oun – we have been discussing your comment and seeing what we can do. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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