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Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s Recommended Hebrew/English Bible


For years you’ve been asking us to recommend a Bible and here it is!  Rabbi Daniel Lapin recommends this Bible and uses it himself in both daily study and in teaching because:

  • The Hebrew text retains exactly the same two types of paragraph breaks found in an authentic Torah scroll.
  • The English translation is as good as can be found.
  • The accurate Hebrew names are given in precise transliteration e.g.  Moshe not Moses, Yaakov not Jacob, Yona not Jonah.
  • The hidden ‘kri/ktiv clues that Rabbi Daniel Lapin explains are presented in the clearest way possible.
  • The typography is beautiful as befits a family heirloom Bible.
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The Koren Jerusalem Bible enjoys a reputation as the most authentic and user-friendly Hebrew/English Tanach. It makes the Tanakh (the Hebrew Scriptures) accessible in English as it restores the text’s original intent.

This standard sized edition (the largest edition) utilizes large type size and features color maps, beautiful gilded edges and a thumb index –that makes finding your way quick and easy.

Tanakh  תנ”ך

Torah  תורה
Genesis  בראשית
Exodus  שמות
Leviticus  ויקרא
Numbers  במדבר
Deuteronomy  דברים

Prophets  נביאים
Joshua  יהושע
Judges  שופטים
I Samuel  שמואל א
II Samuel  שמואל ב
I Kings  מלכים א
II Kings  מלכים ב
Isaiah  ישעיהו
Jeremiah  ירמיהו
Ezekiel  יחזקאל
Hosea  הושע
Joel  יואל
Amos  עמוס
Obadiah  עובדיה
Jonah  יונה
Micah  מיכה
Nahum  נחום
Habakkuk  חבקוק
Zephaniah  צפניה
Haggai  חגי
Zechariah  זכריה
Malachi  מלאכי

Writings  כתובים
Psalms  תהילים
Proverbs  משלי
Job  איוב
Song of Songs  שיר השירים
Ruth  רות
Lamentations  איכה
Ecclesiastes  קהלת
Esther  אסתר
Daniel  דניאל
Ezra  עזרא
Nehemiah  נחמיה
I Chronicles  דברי הימים א
II Chronicles  דִּבְרֵי הַיָּמִים ב

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