I Only Want to Get Married Once: Dating Secrets for Getting It Right the First Time

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Softcover book: written by Jerusalem therapist Chana Levitan

  • 10 vital questions to ask while dating
  • Save yourself years of wasted energy and grief
  • Take advantage of Chana Levitan’s years of counseling experience
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For 25 years, Chana Levitan has been educating, mentoring, and enlightening people about how to find real potential in their relationships. Her classes on the topic are standing-room only. With this book, she is finally sharing her knowledge with a bigger audience. You’ll find a smart, clear relationship guide with 10 essential questions that need to be asked before and during the dating process in order to spot long-term potential. Filled with real-life anecdotes and insightful dating advice, these chapters will help you better understand yourself and what you really need to succeed in building a loving marriage. There is no rule that heartbreak must be a prerequisite for good judgment! I Only Want to Get Married Once will help you get it right the first time and gain the confidence to steer through the decision making process of dating.

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9 reviews for I Only Want to Get Married Once: Dating Secrets for Getting It Right the First Time

  1. james (verified owner)

    sent to grand daughter

  2. Robert Morin (verified owner)

    A lot of ‘common sense’ that we just don’t think about when we start dating.

  3. Robert DiMaulo (verified owner)

  4. Will Adams (verified owner)

    Needful Read for my teenager

  5. Verified Amazon Customer

    A FANTASTIC tool for a successful marriage!
    This book is fantastic!!! Both my husband and I read the book and learned so many useful skills to help us build a stronger, happier and healthier relationship. The book is full of great ideas and thought processes to understand how relationaships grow effectively. The book is thought provoking and humorous!

  6. Verified Amazon Customer

    Must read! Short and right to the point.
    Number one must read book for dating! When I read this book it had put all the things in my head on the right shelfs. Many times I could’ve ended up with the wrong person, but this book I guess I can say saved my life.

  7. Verified Amazon Customer

    so helpful I recommend to anyone who is dating

  8. Verified Amazon Customer

    For anyone and everyone who wants to find real, lasting love.
    I’m not a sociologist or relationship expert by any stretch of the imagination. My experience is just that of being single for a very long time, and despairing considerably about it. I, like the author, am a person of faith — not that you need to be AT ALL to benefit from this book. So I don’t know if my decision to read it changed the cosmic order, or if I just learned to recognize the specific values I was looking for in a mate. All I know is that when I met my future husband, I recognized those values in very short order, and we have a better relationship and a stronger foundation than I ever thought possible. Bottom line: buy it now, thank me at your wedding 🙂

  9. Verified Amazon Customer

    Great Advice!
    Great advice for any single person to read. I was recommended this book by friend as I am starting back dating after a few years single, and it definitely helped give me some clarity on what to look for as I consider someone as a partner.

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