Hands Off! This May Be Love: God’s Gift for Establishing Enduring Relationships

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Hands Off! This May Be Love: God’s Gift for Establishing Enduring Relationships
Softcover book by Jerusalem-based teacher Gila Manolson

  • Is there a way to dramatically reduce heartache?
  • Can behavior before marriage make success in marriage more likely?
  • Are we shortchanging ourselves by settling for  today’s culture?
  • Can anyone who cares about others not read this book – either for themselves or someone they love?

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Hands Off! This May Be Love: God’s Gift for Establishing Enduring Relationships, by Gila Manolson, is written from the heart and goes to the heart of readers. After decades of speaking with and to young (and not so young) people, Gila reveals scientific and psychological evidence about the power of physical touch and how prematurely introducing that power into a relationship can sabotage true and lasting love.
This enjoyable book, full of anecdotes, provides surprising and thought-provoking ideas and also offers encouragement for doing what is both right and effective rather than what is popular. It is difficult to think of anyone who doesn’t need to read this book, whether to better their own life or the life of someone they love.
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10 reviews for Hands Off! This May Be Love: God’s Gift for Establishing Enduring Relationships

  1. Robert Morin (verified owner)

    Great advice for my young men/sons.

  2. Linda Nelson (verified owner)

    I wish I had this book when I was 14. Now I buy it as gifts for young women. Praise God she did her home work and wrote this incredible guide book for women.

  3. Shane

    So not a single bad word for the book huh… I don’t have an issue with sexless relationships, but I’m a big believer in doing what feels right according to your conscience. I love the girl I have sex with and will continue to do so. Love is an ever changing element in human nature and there is no right or wrong way to love someone. People who try condem others for their method of love are not allowin free will it’s chance to be what it is… Free will.

  4. Kim

    The concepts in this book are life changing, bringing you into what Yahweh’s true intentions were for our relationships. This book blessed me so and I will be using this as a tool to teach my children. Thank you Rabbi Lapin and Ms. Gila for sharing Torah truths with us.

  5. Laura R.

    I’m not a Jew. But as a Christian, I found this book to be incredibly enlightening. I think I’d even be enlightened if I were agnostic. It seems so difficult to accept our current culture of “hook ups” and meaningless sex. I think this book explains what is really going on in a more concrete manner. Sure, religious people have been taught for years that intimacy is wrong outside of marriage. But often the reasons are lacking. “Because the Bible says so” is not a good enough reason for many. This book fully discloses the chemical, spiritual and emotional problems loose morals can result in. And it tells why so many people are now finding it so difficult to form a real connection or commit to their spouse or significant other. Every young person who is of dating age needs to read this (and older ones too)… And parents who want their children to have the joy of finding their soul mate and actually staying married to them.

  6. Charles S.

    A deeply insightful, honest and well stated treatise. Honest, engaging, enjoyable to read. The author’s own journey backs up the grey nod timeless insights of particular and traditional approach to the deepest expression of our own humanity.

  7. Noel T

    The book was just as stated. Very practical and easy to understand. For me this book was well worth my money and time spent reading it.

  8. Charles S.

    What a refreshing reconsideration of dating.rnMany years ago when my daughter was still young I began to forge an idea of how we would approach dating. Something in me told me the way our churches were doing things was not right; there were just way too many cases of moral failure taking place. After some time and prayer I decided that our children were not going to play the ‘dating game.’ That is where our kids get in trouble. There were things that I felt but could not quite articulate. This good book filled the gap.rnThe advice given in this book is practical, reasonable and enlightening. It helps the reader understand why it is so easy for kids to end up in sexual trouble before they realize what is happening. It also can help parents set guidelines that will assist a young person in making good mature decisions.rnI highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to raise morally pure young people. Don’t wait though! Get started now and began developing these ideas in your children while they are young and before they approach that age of ‘awakening.’rn

  9. Matia Bryson

    I recommend this book highly. I want to share it with everyone I know, especially the teenagers and young adults in my acquaintance. Gila Manolson shares a positive message very convincingly of how much there is TO BE GAINED, by saving touch for marriage with both secular and biblical truths. I especially enjoyed all the real life examples from both happy and unhappy couples she has known. If this topic interests you at all, you should have no hesitancy to buy this book. She even extends her positive message to those who have made mistakes in the past. It is never too late!

  10. Arlen S

    In a world in which love has lost its meaning and sex became the synonymous of love this book will re-align the mind of your teenager, specially of boys by teaching them the appropriate respect for their future wives. Absolutely necessary for anyone who wants to help grow a health respect on boys for the girls around them.

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