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Financial Prosperity Collection: The Ten Commandments – USB Flash Drive

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Rabbi Daniel Lapin has shared ancient Jewish wisdom on money with hundreds of thousands of people over the years through his speeches, appearances, books and audio teachings. We regularly meet people and get letters from those who have improved their financial situation by applying the lessons he teaches.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin has distilled the messages from his best-selling books Thou Shall Prosper and Business Secrets from the Bible and his financial audio teachings into a 10+ hour video course and 56-page downloadable and printable companion workbook. Embark on a journey that explores ten essential commandments guiding you toward financial abundance and personal growth.

Each Lesson video will go through one Biblical principle. At the end of each lesson there will be a few short assessment questions that will review the wisdom learned. The workbook will help you actualize the permanent principles mentioned in the videos, making them more practical and applicable.

In this course you will learn to:

  • Change the way you think about money and change your life.
  • Turn the ‘daily grind’ into the ‘daily greatness.’
  • Making money is as much about what you believe as what you do.
  • Apply practical and specific strategies to transform your financial destiny.

The Financial Prosperity Collection is also available as on Online Course at the Rabbi Daniel Academy.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin has taken written and audio material he originally created for the Income Abundance Set, and has put 10-video teachings on USB.  Now you can see and hear Rabbi Daniel describing these timeless truths about finance and Biblical prosperity.  Perfect for visual learners, home study groups, and “happy warriors” who want to apply practical ancient Jewish wisdom into their day-to-day lives.

The Financial Prosperity Collection includes these 10 videos:

  1. Commandment One: You and the Morality of Making Money
  2. Commandment Two: You and Other People
  3. Commandment Three: You and Yourself
  4. Commandment Four: You and Paralyzing Perfection
  5. Commandment Five: You the Leader
  6. Commandment Six: You and Change
  7. Commandment Seven: You and Your Tomorrows
  8. Commandment Eight: You and Money
  9. Commandment Nine: You and What Is Not Yours
  10. Commandment Ten: You and Retirement

Each Lesson video will go through one Biblical principle. The companion 56-page printable workbook offers further insights, thought-provoking questions, and practical exercises designed to empower you on your transformative path to prosperity.

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  1. Ruben N.

    The best online course and content on money I’ve ever seen. Completely changed my perspective and mindset on money. I’m looking forward to reading the book too. Thank you Rabbi Daniel.

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