SOLD OUT – Festival of Lights: Transform Your 24/7 Existence into a 25/8 Life

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  • Are you handicapped by how you think of time?
  • What do the numbers 8 and 25 mean in ancient Jewish wisdom?
  • What lessons of Chanuka are embedded in Scripture?
Despite all our labor-saving devices, we never seem to have enough time. Rabbi Daniel Lapin reveals how the holiday of Chanuka illuminates two competing visions of time – that of ancient Greece and that of ancient Israel. Thousands of years later, how we choose between those two ways of thinking impacts every facet of our lives.

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Chanuka, the Festival of Lights, is one of the most popularly known Jewish holidays. But the general knowledge is often incorrect. This CD reveals where the Bible foretells the events of Chanuka and how the historical battle that was fought is still being fought in our days.


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3 reviews for SOLD OUT – Festival of Lights: Transform Your 24/7 Existence into a 25/8 Life

  1. Michael (verified owner)

    ALL of the resources are enlightening.

  2. John Patterson (verified owner)

  3. Tal Kaufmann

    Everyone should listen to Rabbi Lapin’s CD Festival of Lights:Transform Your 24/7 Existence Into a 25/8 Life. I did for the first time two weeks ago. After finishing; I had yet another big change occur in my life. The truths from this CD helped me approach the change in a way I know will lead to a positive outcome. Thanks Rabbi.

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