Digital Download Library Pack


The Digital Download Library Pack includes over 35 hours of audio and video teachings by Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin, plus one of their most well known ebooks. A retail value of over $474.00.

This Set Includes:

  • Financial Prosperity Collection (HD video 10+ hour course)
  • America’s Real War (ebook)
  • Biblical Blueprint Set (total of 5 audio teachings):
    • Let Me Go
    • The Ten Commandments
    • Festival of Lights
    • Day for Atonement
    • Perils of Profanity
  • Genesis Journeys Set (each contains 2 audio teachings and PDF study guide):
    • Madam, I’m Adam
    • Clash of Destiny
    • The Gathering Storm
    • Tower of Power
  • Boost Your Income (audio teaching)
  • Prosperity Power: Connect for Succe$$ (2 audio teachings set)
  • The Seder Set: Why is the Passover Seder Such a Big Deal? (3 audio teachings with Passover Haggadah)
  • Ancient Jewish Wisdom TV Series – Volumes 1, 2 & 3 (HD videos)
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The Digital Download Library Pack contains over 35 hours of practical wisdom and our America’s Real War ebook. Now you can hear and see Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin expound on the matters of faith, family, friendships and fortune.  The set includes 12 audio teachings, three downloadable DVDs, 1 ebook, and a 10+ hour video course on financial prosperity.


(Retail Value: $474.20)


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