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Includes 23 of Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin’s resources and Free Shipping  on continental U.S. orders!  A retail value of $478.80.
Set Includes:
    • Thou Shall Prosper (hardcover book) 2nd edition
    • Business Secrets from the Bible (hardcover book)
    • Dear Rabbi and Susan (softcover book)
    • Buried Treasure: Life Lessons from the Lord’s Language (hardcover book)
    • America’s Real War (softcover book)
    • Chart Your Course Journal (softcover book)
    • Tower of Power (2 audio CDs and study guide)
    • The Gathering Storm (2 audio CDs and study guide)
    • Clash of Destiny  (2 audio CDs and study guide)
    • Madam, I’m Adam (2 audio CDs and study guide)
    • Prosperity Power (2 audio CDs)
    • Boost Your Income (audio CD)
    • Perils of Profanity (audio CD)
    • Day for Atonement (audio CD)
    • Let Me Go  (audio CD)
    • The Ten Commandments (audio CD)
    •  Festival of Lights (audio CD)
    • Thought Tools Volume 1 (softcover book)
    • Thought Tools Volume 2 (softcover book)
    • Thought Tools Volume 3 (softcover book)
    • Ancient Jewish Wisdom TV Show, Volume 1 (DVD)
    • Ancient Jewish Wisdom TV Show Volume 2 (DVD)
    • Ancient Jewish Wisdom TV Show Volume 3 (DVD)

Be sure to take advantage of this incredible package.  You can now purchase all of these products from the Rabbi Daniel Lapin library at a dramatically reduced price and get free shipping on continental U.S. orders!

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The Complete Library Pack includes 23 of Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin’s resources in one great money saving package:

(Retail Value: $478.80)

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  1. Ellene Busby

    I only wish there were more. These have so much meat for thought. I took them on a long driving trip and listened to each one at least twice. I would encourage Rabbi Lapin to do this for the entire Old Testament. I cannot overstate the thrill of hearing the oral traditions. It makes the scripture so much more meaningful. What a blessing to have found these. I am thinking of incorporating into a Bible study of the Pentatuch. As I said, I wish there were more. I am a Christian that appreciates having Rabbi Lapin for my rabbi.

  2. Brenda Hoffman…Texas

    everyone needs a Rabbi. Christians have so much to gain by looking to the wisdom and uderstanding that a good Rabbi can provide. Thank you, Rabbi Lapin, for the much needed service that you provide. PS. individual product reviews will be provided in those sections of this site

  3. Francis A.

    I have just listened through your entire CD library and I am currently reading “thou shall prosper”.
    As a christian fully devoted to biblical principles, I want to know more.The gathering storm revealed exactly what is happening here in the Bahamas and I will like to learn more to be able to share the information intelligently with everyone I know.

  4. steven Trostle

    On this 11th day of June 2015 I was blessed by the opportunity to see your interview with Glenn Beck. Impressed I tapped away in the the search bar leading me to your home page with treasures one might find as youngster overwhelmed of many selections in the candy store. With said and for reasons I’m not compelled to share, suffice it to say I’m waiting to the 3rd of July when i would be in a better position to place the order for the your entire Library. It’s my wish to learn the entire Jewish foundation, which I believe is important for my spirituality. I would be remiss if I did not thank you for the work you done to be someone I wish to model my life. Perhaps some day we

  5. Brinda Bair

    Growing up as a Latter-Day Saint (Mormon) I have studied the scriptures regularly, but it wasn’t until I discovered your “Ancient Jewish Wisdom” that the Bible stories really started to make sense and I was able to find such deeper meaning! So much so that I really wanted to learn Hebrew to have access to the Bible in God’s language! (Much more difficult than I expected it to be, I’ll just continue to glean truths from you). As a family we listen to your programs often. My 18 year old daughter stated she loves your program because it’s nice to have a “why” behind things she’s been taught other than religious reasons and you do a great job explaining that why. Thank you Rabbi Lapin’s for sharing your wisdom with us!!

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