Clash of Destiny: Decoding the Secrets of Israel and Islam

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Two Audio CD Set plus a 16-page full color study guide.  A Genesis Journeys teaching.

“Clash of Destiny: Decoding the Secrets of Israel and Islam” reveals:

  • What Muslims know about prayer that most people, even those who pray regularly, don’t
  • The dark side of laughter
  • Why recruits in Arab terrorist training camps say “Heil Hitler”
  • How to rise above our cultural and genetic legacy
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Doesn’t everyone wish to better understand the great terrorist threat facing Western civilization?  Spurred by the conviction that the Bible is a blueprint to the future as well as a depiction of the past, Rabbi Daniel Lapin exposes the Biblical roots of today’s deadly Middle East conflict.  He explores Hebrew clues in Biblical texts, explaining how the blessings and choices of Abraham and his sons, Isaac and Ishmael, continue to impact tomorrow’s news headlines.
You will be astounded as this teaching leaps from verses in Genesis to events in the book of Samuel and into veiled clues in the scroll of Esther, tracing personality traits and characteristics that re-appear generation after generation. Current events will make more sense against the backdrop of the Bible.
As always, Rabbi Lapin’s humor and eloquence will entertain and inspire you as he delves beneath the surface of the Bible’s description of Sarah’s handmaiden, Hagar, of Ishmael’s children and of Isaac’s blessing to Jacob. You will examine the role that laughter and music have in controlling our emotions and find strength in realizing that whether our heritage is noble or notorious, we each have the obligation and opportunity to mold our own lives.
Discover how pivotal interactions that took place thousands of years ago are still echoing in our own time. You will be strengthened in your own faith as you understand more about the convictions of those who wish to eradicate all remnants of that faith. In these dangerous times, let the Bible be your guide.
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15 reviews for Clash of Destiny: Decoding the Secrets of Israel and Islam

  1. Bonnie M. (verified owner)

    Provides great insight as to why war has happened.

  2. Paul C. (verified owner)

    Great price and fast shipping. But better than that was a clear explanation of the basic dispute in the mid-east. When listening to the Rabbi’s teaching the lightbulb goes on and glows brighter and brighter as he teaches.

  3. james (verified owner)

  4. David M. (verified owner)

  5. Paul (verified owner)

  6. Bill Jarvis

    Powerful, insightful, educational, and entertaining. As a Christian who has fallen away from his church, not because I’m less of a believer but, because I was saturated by the basic lessons. I knew there had to be more to understand. More that I was missing. More context to the questions I still had. I found this fulfilling. I have many more questions and will be exploring many more of your teachings Rabbi. I did need a Rabbi!

  7. Rolando Solano

    Very informative and eye opening! Gives rich, spiritual insight into the whys and mystery of the conflict between the sons of Abraham.

  8. S. Zeblisky

    I’d much appreciate a book form of CD’s, because seeing it in written form is helpful for me. Thank you.

  9. BG Valli

    If it ever comes out in book form ,I would be very interested.

  10. Sandy Riffle

    Very very powerful education at understanding better what’s happening in front of our very eyes on the world scene. This knowledge is a MUST for everyone to learn.

    Dear people, if you are yearning to learn anything about the present world scene, please I beg you to obtain this CD and share, share share. Thank you Rabbi Lapin for the wisdom expounded in this CD.

  11. Linda L.

    Since listening to your CD – Clash of Destiny, I’m stunned at the daily news and the connection to the Torah.

  12. Marilyn Leininger

    I really I feel this has been a wonderful investment. I have so enjoyed and learned so much. I have always felt there was information between the lines and there it was.

  13. Brenda Hoffman

    I learned a great deal about what is at the root of the desire to eliminate the Jewish race – past and present. I thought there was so little information about Ishmael available through bible study. But ancient Jewish wisdom brings out a great deal of information about Ishmael, as well as about Hitler, and radical Muslims. I find it helpful to have an understanding about what is going on today. I thought I already knew about all there was to know about it. Boy, was I way off! This information is so valuable for both Christians and Jews. I recommend all of Rabbi Lapin’s teachings. Understanding the history behind what is happening today clears up erroneously thinking and confusion. You hear a lot of “facts” today about Muslims, much of them conflicting with each other. They are a peaceful people, they are a violent people, etc. But this teaching will take you way beyond all those kinds of superficial comments and lead you to the root of what we see today.

  14. June George

    This series is packed full of ancient Jewish truths that most Americans would never otherwise understand. Rabbi Lapin explains fully why Ishmael was rejected by God, and how his mother Haggar contributed to that rejection. It also clears up a question I have asked myself many times; “Why do the Arab nations dislike us so much? What did we ever do to them?” I now understand why.

  15. Arthur Jackson

    Awesome, powerful, enlighling, more importantly USEFUL for today. This is a must own cd. Never again will I try to read and understand the old testament without the help of Rabbi Lapin. His knowledge comes from God and it is evident in his teaching Clash of Destiny.

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