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Business Secrets from the Bible: Spiritual Success Strategies for Financial Abundance (1st Edition)

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Demonstrates how earnings and profits are God’s reward for forming relationships with others and serving them
  • Stresses the importance of service, sharing, change, leadership, and creating boundaries and structures
  • Encourages readers to focus on other people’s desires and teaches why and how to make connections with many people
  • Suggests ways for readers to transform themselves and continue toward success even in the face of fear and uncertainty

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Also available as an audio book: as MP3-CD version or download version.

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It’s safe to say that nearly everyone is seeking a prosperous, more successful life. So then why do so few attain it? Business Secrets from the Bible proposes a new way to view and approach success—one based upon key concepts from the Bible that are surprisingly simple. Written especially for those seeking monetary success, the book is filled with concrete advice for improved finances. This resource takes a practical approach and provides a path for changing both the minds and the behaviors of readers.

Drawing on his wisdom and knowledge of the Bible, the author reveals the clear link between making money and one’s most deeply held beliefs.  Special emphasis is given to establishing positive attitudes toward making money and adopting effective, Biblically-based strategies.

Attaining wealth and well-being is no longer a mystery. Let this book identify ways that will lead you to financial fulfillment as part of an integrated and balanced life.

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18 reviews for Business Secrets from the Bible: Spiritual Success Strategies for Financial Abundance (1st Edition)

  1. Hernan Ospina (verified owner)

    Hello Rabbi Daniel, thank you so much for all the wonderful knowledge, that you are giving to my life i always listen to you via apple podcast and i love everything you say. because you are right!!
    and thank you for this wonderful book business secrets from the bible!!! wishing you the best!!
    Hernan Ospina.

  2. Kathleen C. (verified owner)

    The book is excellent! I’ve learn so much about life and business. So encouraging!

  3. Jim Cockrum

    The top business book I’ve suggested to 100s of my clients for years.

    Regardless of your world view, ignoring these timeless truths will cost you! Beyond just practical and obvious, it’s challenging and specific – fully actionable and transformative.

    Simply stated, if you want to earn more or thrive in business this is “must read”.

  4. Oscar San Emeterio Nateras

    Highly recommended, enjoyed the teachings and I was blessed by them. I have bought several copies for friends and family. I am hoping there’s a Spanish translation at some point or if there’s one available now please send me the information!

  5. Dwight Rossiter (verified owner)

  6. Will Adams (verified owner)

    Incredible Read

  7. Robert Schinagl (verified owner)

    Exactly what was required to relight the fire for financial improvement. Thank you

  8. Kadesha Marshall (verified owner)

    I have yet to read this one because I am reading Thou Shall Prosper. I am sure it is going to be a great one considering how great Thou Shall Prosper is. Thank you Rabbi Lapin

  9. Andy N.

    Your book on Business Secrets in the Bible transformed my thinking, and gave me so much more confidence in the virtuousness of business. It’s a mind battle that I keep fighting but am so grateful for your books in bringing such great insight.

  10. Matthew H

    Thank you for writing the book Business Secrets from the Bible. I just went through it for the 2nd time (the first time on the Audio version) and have so many attainable things I am starting to implant (like reading the Bible out load and many more, at least 40!).

  11. Victoria M

    God brought your business book into my life today. I am halfway through and it has rocked my world. I have created a nice reputation for myself as the author of 13 books and as a speaker of some influence in my field. I have never focused on financial remuneration and have always felt that “business“ was an unsavory word. As a result of the book I wrote in 2012, I have had a business for the past seven years but I have inadvertently kept it small because of my inability to accept the godliness of being in business. I now have an opportunity with a partner and I was excited about that. Then he wanted to bring in other people and my excitement turn to fear. Last night I prayed for the book that I needed to read about spirituality and business. Yours popped up, I ordered it on Audible, and I am literally hanging on every word. Even though I have not yet finished the book and I have not yet taken any outward action on what it says, I know that you changed my life today, and the life of my family, and my positive reach in the world. God bless you in every way.

  12. Grace M.

    Thank you for writing the book “Business Secrets from the Bible”. I’m only on Secret #15 – but my life is so much better already!
    I’ve been using the manuscript like a workbook – trying to apply each lesson practically before moving on to the next teaching.. your’e right – I am not a beaver 🙂 .. I can change and be a genuinely caring person trying to express God’s love in the best way I Can.. honoring God, and in service to fellow Man.
    By making friends I have secured a career goal I’ve been dreaming of for two years now (or more), not having made any progress earlier.
    Actually, I’ve got multiple offers and now I’m praying on God’s direction concerning how I should choose from the abundance of opportunities to serve .. rather than praying to find prospects.

  13. Bhakupar

    I usually don’t review books…but this I had to..There are only two best books in the world ..-holy Bible & this Business book…Hail hebrews

  14. Dallas

    This book has changed my approach to both business and life. As I now start my day with this prayer—-Please reward me financially in proportion to my service to others. This simple prayer has completely changed my view of my work, my customers, my employers, and all else I meet. No longer and I trying to get the best deal or get one over on the other guy but seeing myself pleasing others and God. With this approach my income is increasing rapidly and I am a much happier person, Instead of coming home to kiss the dog and kick the wife, my wife and family and even friends are seeing the difference. One of my close friends recently said, I have always liked you, but I like the 2.0 version better. Thanks for a book that is and has changed my life.

  15. Jon Holnapy

    I am totally disabled with no money coming for awhile and would love the chance to read it. If at all possible can you send me a copy and when I am finished I will be happy to send back to you. I humbly thank you,

  16. Osvaldo

    Quisiera saber si este libro esta es español.rnGracias

  17. tammy moalosi

    Rabbi lapin is marvelous, simply by listening to an interview between Benny Hinn & the rabbi changed my perspective on life and business The way he uses an illustration about Manoah, Samson’s dad just blew my mind. I started earning money within an hour of listening to that interview- I cant wait having that book and others by the Rabbi in my hands

  18. Tommy Miskelly

    i read this book twice so as not to miss the main points one of my top reads I’ve advised my friends and business associates to read i would love to someday meet mr. Lapin and pick his brain for more. Im an avid reader so this is the ultimate compliment.

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