Buried Treasure: Secrets for Living from the Lord’s Language

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Join Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin on a fascinating treasure hunt through the Lord’s language – one which will excite and inform those with no knowledge of Hebrew as well as those who are fluent in the language.

Unlike any other language ever spoken, Hebrew words reveal their meanings through the very order, composition and even shape of the letters that God chose for each word.

Buried Treasure: Secrets for Living from the Lord’s Language provides a glimpse into God’s message to His children about vital ideas such as love, happiness, faith and wealth.

This second edition is expanded and includes an entirely new chapter.

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Using real-life anecdotes drawn from many years in the rabbinate, as well as from the hundreds of thousands of people they have touched while teaching throughout America and overseas, the Lapins uncover a wealth of insights that will enrich your life. Buried Treasure is an easy-to-read, practical book that will entertain and instruct you while revealing the awesome power of God’s chosen tongue.

Join Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin on a fascinating treasure hunt through over 25 words in the Lord’s language – one that will excite and inform those with no knowledge of Hebrew as well as those who are fluent in the language. Unlike any other language, Hebrew words rooted in the Bible reveal their meanings through the very order, composition, and even shape of the letters.

Buried Treasure: Secrets for Living from the Lord’s Language provides a glimpse into God’s message to His children about vital ideas such as love, happiness, faith, and wealth.

Among other nuggets of insight, discover why in Hebrew the word “face” only appears in the plural, why a table is a place of grace, and why it is more important to have a spouse who is committed to you than one who professes love for you.

Embark on a journey to unearth the secrets of Hebrew, the Lord’s language, through our book, Buried Treasure.

The book is divided into 6 main parts:
Part 1: Relationships and Marriage
Part 2: Family and Children
Part 3: Community and Work
Part 4: Growth and Success
Part 5: Ideas
Part 6: Spiritual Life

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13 reviews for Buried Treasure: Secrets for Living from the Lord’s Language

  1. Joseph Harper (verified owner)

    What I am learning in this book is invaluable. Although not quite finished yet, I can say the things Rabbi has said in here have been so enlightening and valuable. I wish somehow more people could read this marvelous book. This book is worth a thousand time more then what I paid for it. I just wish I had read this 50 years ago. Thank you Rabbi Lapin for sharing your wisdom. I really appreciate all that you do.

  2. Lisa Stanley (verified owner)

  3. Will Adams (verified owner)


  4. Bonita R. (VERIFIED OWNER) (verified owner)

    I cannot thank you enough for your teachings, the time it takes you to write this stuff, to spell it out and make it available in a form a simple minded Christian can understand and incorporate.
    I recently acquired a copy of “Buried Treasure”! Oh my! Delicious! I’d like to gobble it up in one big gulp but I’d never be able to handle it all. I have to read small portions at a time, sometimes just a page, or a paragraph, and often a second time. I found the last paragraph at the bottom of page 200 so stunning, I marked it, high-lighted it, decorated it so I can flip the book open and find it quickly. Small but consistent steps! How I love learning about the GOD who invented Hebrew!

  5. Beth B. (verified owner)

    I enjoy your program and have your book about Buried Treasures. I have enjoyed [it] so much. It has deepened my understanding of the Bible. Thank you and Susan so much.

  6. Larry Joel

    Amazing. I gave my book away so I need another to read again…and give away.. again. Thank you Rabbi.

  7. TsakaNi mashele

    Is it possible the rabbi can write bible/Torah commentary

  8. Tim Jones

    Beloved brother,rnThis should be required class in every school in America. I pray for you and your family everyday and wish you every success.rn

  9. Barbara K.

    My Dear Friends, I ordered this book and am enjoying it much to my satisfaction. Rabbi Lapin’s wisdom just blows me away-and Susan’s too!!! I like the conversations his chapters start.

  10. Barbara McEldowney

    This is the most treasured book I have next to my Bible. It has helped me so much to really understand the awesome message that God has sent us and the breathtaking detail with which He has chosen to speak to us. I can not recommend it highly enough to any seriously committed believer and student of the Bible – it is a must! Thank you so much Rabbi Lapin for this gracious gift to gentile believers.

  11. Peter B.

    In the beginning God. These four words explain the driving force behind our beginnings and that of everything in existence.

    “Naturally, those who are ideologically committed to a secular, materialistic view of the world will reject any explanation that includes a role for the Creator. They will need to identify an alternative explanation. But for those who are intellectually open to new ideas, the God-as-designer theory enjoys one more important benefit: Our Designer was considerate enough to equip His product with an instruction manual.

    Buried Treasure, pg. 78

    That last sentence begs the defining cultural question for Western man: Do you believe that God spoke to Abraham in the Chaldean city of Ur and subsequently to Moses on Mt. Sinai? In other words: Do you believe that the Bible is God’s message to mankind?

    After reading the first edition of Buried Treasure, my answer to the above two questions has never been a more emphatic “Yes! That men should honestly answer these questions in the affirmative is particularly important to those of us who are concerned with helping to preserve Western Civilization. The fundamental principles upon which Western Civilization is founded were spoken by God to Moses and subsequently recorded in the Torah, the first five books of the Bible as recorded by Moses himself.

    We may conclude after reading Buried Treasure, that the language spoken by God to Abraham and Moses and in which the finger of God wrote a total of 172 words between two tablets of stone was not Elizabethan English.

    “Hebrew, the language first spoken by Adam, and the language in which the Torah was given, is the language of ancient wisdom.”

    Buried Treasure, pg. 11

    The author has chosen to define and then expand upon some twenty-eight spiritually powerful words to exemplify the treasure that is the Hebrew language. It is apparent that these words have been carefully selected and then arranged as an engineer selecting building material for constructing the load bearing walls of a successful civilization.

    That the Jewish people have played a central role in the development of Western Civilization becomes evident the more closely one examines Biblical Hebrew. It is my opinion that the collective truths of the Hebrew Scriptures, having been revealed by the one, holy, all-knowing, almighty, all-loving God, has been the most important idea in the history of the world. Simply put, reading Buried Treasure helps us elevate God’s revealed word so that it is accorded its proper position of honor and respect within our hearts.

    Of course, a great many will (and do) take exception to these assertions. Among many fascinating pearls of wisdom revealed in this delightful and brilliant work, Rabbi Lapin touches upon the parallels that exist between the alphabets of the Hebrew, Greek, and English languages. As he skillfully peels the etymological onion back, these parallels appear so striking that one has to seriously question how the editors of dictionaries like Webster’s can place Hebrew in a family of languages separate from that in which they include both Greek and English. While these centuries old classifications relied in part on non-linguistic anthropological and racial arguments that have largely been discredited, the preservation of this classification system serves mainly to help obscure the truth of Biblical Hebrew’s seminal role in the development of Western Civilization. Helping to keep the treasure buried, if you will. I would attribute this ongoing literary obfuscation to that aspect of human nature perhaps best characterized as follows:

    “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.”

    – Sir Winston Churchill

    After being introduced to the brilliant truths communicated through the Hebrew language as further illuminated by ancient Jewish wisdom, it would defy logic to continue promoting the view that there is not a very close relationship between Biblical Hebrew, Classical Greek, English and the Germanic languages from which modern day English has evolved.

    Even more far fetched becomes the Darwinian evolutionary view that supposes the genius of Biblical Hebrew to have been designed by erstwhile knuckle dragging Neanderthals sometime during the Stone Age. That entire philosophy would be as comical as it is absurd if it weren’t so blasphemous.

    As darkness cannot withstand the introduction of light, a strictly material worldview cannot and therefore will not tolerate the introduction of Biblical truth. By the way, for a wonderful discussion of the Hebrew word for truth EMeT, see Part 5 of 5: “Ideas, Chapter 21: Silverberg’s Word Puzzle. It alone is worth the price of admission.

    In the Lord’s language, letters and numbers and the way they correspond to each other are rich with meaning, tapping into mystical realities. – Buried Treasure, pg. 158

    That’s why everybody needs a rabbi.

    Hebrew is clearly the Lord’s language, and this wonderful book places credit where credit is due. Reading Buried Treasure has elevated the brilliance of God’s word in my understanding, serving to fortify my faith in the process.

    As you may have gathered by reading this far, I give the book a five-star-plus recommendation.

  12. Tom Ziglar

    This past month Mom and Dad moved to a new home. Since they moved into a place 70% smaller (and 100% nicer!), the family had to pitch in and determine what to pitch out. My job was to sort through the thousands of books and determine which ones to keep. (I am happy to report that we were able to get rid of three of them!)

    As I was sorting through the books I realized that many of them had been read and underlined by Dad. Jackpot! There is nothing better than reading through a book and seeing what your Dad thought was important, and then really understanding where your Dad’s ideas came from. And of course, when your Dad is Zig Ziglar, it is even better.

    As I was flipping through one of the underlined books I came to a part that caught my eye. Dad had underlined a great deal over a series of pages on the subjects of faith, business, and prosperity. The author was making the point that in Hebrew the words for faith and business are very close in meaning. The author pointed out that in order to be truly successful in business (or in sales), you do the work first and then you get paid. This takes faith! Faith that your hard work will be rewarded. The author then points out that societies that have a high level of faith in God tend to be much more prosperous than those that don’t because faith is like a muscle; the more you use it, the bigger it gets. Faith in God literally allows you to have more faith in your business and that your hard work will pay off.

    This belief is really a cornerstone of Dad’s philosophy, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want. I think it’s pretty amazing that Hebrew, God’s language (and which Dad cannot speak or read), is in perfect harmony with this major principle. It really does help when you know the author personally!

    Speaking of authors, and the book I am referring to, the story gets better. Finding the underlined words from Dad was like finding buried treasure. The coincidence (God’s way of staying anonymous) is that the title of the book I am referring to is Buried Treasure by Rabbi Daniel Lapin. Imagine finding buried treasure in Buried Treasure! What a double blessing!

  13. Bev Nixon

    This book led me to order the complete package of Rabbi Lapin’s books. It was given to me by a friend, who underlined like crazy. It clarifies many words in our translation of the Bible and the understanding of what is written. I was especially struck by the definition of laugh. I am part of a women’s interfaith Bible study, and I think I will find the rest of the books helpful in all of us understanding our beliefs. My husband thought it was funny that I asked for this set of books/cds for a Christmas present.

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